As the Canadian Association of Emergency Medicine Conference was in Ottawa this year, I had the pleasure of discussing pediatric shock and sepsis with Dr. Sarah Reid, a good medical school friend of mine from the Gretzky Year (’99) graduating class. I knew back then that she was heading for PEM educator stardom. Lo and behold, she is the now the director of CME at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario and a national PEM speaker extraordinaire. After recording an eye-opening session on Pediatric Fever Without a Source and Pediatric Sepsis, she told me the story of her Best Case Ever where the initial presumptive diagnosis was sepsis.

 Published July 2014 by Anton Helman


For pediatric sepsis guidelines see the pediatric section of Surviving Sepsis Campaign.

The Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario’s ED algorithm for Severe Sepsis

PEds Sepsis Algorithm








Peds Sepsis Algorithm 2






PEM sepsis algorithm 5


PEM sepsis algorithm 8PEM sepsis algorithm 9PEM sepsis algorithm 10









Dr. Helman and Dr. Reid have no conflicts of interest to declare.


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