EM Cases Main Episodes are round table in-depth discussions on core EM topics with 2 or more EM Cases guest experts, and meticulously edited for an approximately one hour podcast.

Best Case Ever is a 10-15 minute podcast where an Emergency Medicine Cases guest expert describes a practice changing case, what they learned from it, and clinical pearls and pitfalls you can use on your next shift. Tacit knowledge sharing at it’s best.

Journal Jam is the EM Cases podcast that either brings together leading EM researchers, EM educators and EM clinicians from around the world to discuss practice-changing EM articles or does a deep dive into the world’s literature on a specific practice changing question; with your hosts Anton Helman, Justin Morgenstern and Rory Spiegel.
Together, we’re smarter!

EM Quick Hits podcast

EM Quick Hits is a 30 minute podcast that contains 5 minute segments chosen from 10 specific topics by 10 different experts and educators, including toxicology, trauma, ophthalmology, orthopaedics, resuscitation, human factors, addiction and pediatric emergencies.