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CritCases 10 Hyponatremia Associated Seizures

In this EM Cases CritCases blog - a collaboration between STARS Air Ambulance Service, Mike Betzner and EM Cases, a middle aged woman presents to a rural ED with headache and vomiting, normal vital signs with subsequent status epilepticus and serum sodium of 110 mmol/L. What management recommendations would you make to the rural ED physician, the transport team and in your ED with regards to treatment of seizures, safe correction of hyponatremia, airway management, search for underlying cause and prevention of Osmotic Demyelenation Syndrome?

New Rapid Reviews Videos on IV Iron & Hyponatremia

Two classic EM Cases main episode podcasts, IV Iron for Anemia in EM with Jeannie Callum and Walter Himmel, and Emergency Management of Hyponatremia with Melanie Baimel and Ed Etchells are covered in the latest Rapid Reviews Videos by Taryn Lloyd and Nick Clarridge. Dr. Lloyd reviews how to avoid needless blood transfusions, the indications for IV iron and how to actually administer IV iron, while Dr. Clarridge reviews a novel approach, causes, complications and management of hyponatremia in the ED...

Episode 60: Emergency Management of Hyponatremia

In this EM Cases episode Dr. Melanie Baimel and Dr. Ed Etchells discuss a simple and practical step-wise approach to the emergency management of hyponatremia: 1. Assess and treat neurologic emergencies related to hyponatremia with hypertonic saline 2. Defend the intravascular volume 3. Prevent further exacerbation of hyponatremia 4. Prevent rapid overcorrection 5. Ascertain a cause Dr. Etchells and Dr. Baimel answer questions such as: What are the indications for giving DDAVP in the emergency management of hyponatremia? What is a simple and practical approach to determining the cause of hyponatremia in the ED? How fast should we aim to correct hyponatremia? What is the best fluid for resuscitating the patient in shock who has a low serum sodium? Why is the management of the marathon runner with hyponatremia counter-intuitive? What strategies can we employ to minimize the risk of Osmotic Demyelination Syndrome (OSD) and cerebral edema in the emergency management of hyponatremia? and many more...

Best Case Ever 33: Over-correction of Hyponatremia

Rapid over-correction of Hyponatremia can have devastating consequences: for one, osmotic demyelination syndrome (ODS) can result in destruction of the pons and a locked-in state. We don't see ODS very much as it's onset is delayed and usually sets in after the patient is admitted to hospital (or worse, sent home). Nonetheless, we need to know how to manage Hyponatremia in the ED so that we prevent ODS from ever happening. In this Best Case Ever, Dr. Melanie Baimel describes the case of a young woman who came in to the ED after drinking alcohol and taking Ecstasy, wanted to leave AMA after her Hyponatremia had inadvertently been corrected too rapidly, and the conundrum that ensues. In the upcoming episode, Dr. Baimel and the first ever Internal Medicine specialist on EM Cases, Dr. Ed Etchels, discuss a rational step-wise approach to managing Hyponatremia, tailored for the EM practitioner; when you might consider giving DDAVP in the ED, the best way to correct Hyponatremia, how to manage the patient who's Hyponatremia has been corrected too quickly, and an easy approach to the differential diagnosis. Get a sneak peak at the algorithm that will be explained and reviewed in the upcoming episode...... [wpfilebase tag=file id=577 tpl=emc-play /] [wpfilebase tag=file id=578 tpl=emc-mp3 /]

Résumés EM Cases

Épisode 173 Fiévre chez les nourrissons, stratification du risque et investigations avec Brett Burstein et Gary JoubertÉpisode 172 La syncope simplifiée avec Dr David CarrÉpisode 170 Controverse de l'arrêt cardiaque partie II – EDU, communication, arrêt des manœuvres avec Bourke Tillmann, Scott Weingart, Sara Gray & Rob SimardÉpisode 169 Controverses de l'arrêt cardiaque partie I avec Bourke Tillmann, Scott Weingart, Sara Gray & Rob SimardÉpisode 167 Myocardite avec Paul Dorian & Walter HimmelEpisode 166 Péricardite et tamponnade cardiaque avec Paul DorianÉpisode 164 Choc cardiogénique simplifié avec Tarlan Hedayati & Bourke TillmannÉpisode 163 Insuffisance cardiaque aiguë partie 1 avec Tarlan Hedayati & Bourke TillmannÉpisode 161 Drapeaux rouges en céphalée : dissection artérielle cervicale avec Amit Shah & Roy BaskindÉpisode 160 Trauma gériatrique partie 2 avec Barbara Haas, Bourke Tillmann & Camilla WongÉpisode 159 Trauma gériatrique partie 1 avec Barbara Haas, Bourke Tillmann & Camilla WongÉpisode 158 Prise en charge du pneumothorax spontané primaire avec Gil Yehudaiff & Mehdi TahiriÉpisode 157 Maladies neuro musculaires avec George Porfiris & Roy BaskindÉpisode 156 Approche de la faiblesse musculaire aiguë avec George Porfiris & Roy BaskindÉpisode 155 Traitement de la bradycardie et des bradyartythmies avec Paul Dorian & Tarlan HedayatiÉpisode 154 Approche [...]

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ECG Cases 33 Brugada Syndrome: 3-Step Approach to Diagnosis and Management

Jesse McLaren guides us through 7 cases and explains his 3-step approach to diagnosing and managing Brugada syndrome in this month's ECG Cases blog...

EMC Cases Summaries

The EM Cases Summaries are succinct, written, easily navigable, key point reports of each main episode podcast, authored by Our Team that you can download to your smartphone or tablet to reference and read at the bedside or at your leisure with 2 easy automatic download options: Download individual pdf EM Cases Summaries by clicking on the episode title below Episode 174 Traumatic Pneumothorax – Is Less More? with Mathieu Toulouse Episode 173 Febrile Infant with Brett Burstein & Gary Joubert Episode 172 Syncope Simplified with David Carr Episode 170 Part 2 Cardiac Arrest Controversies: PoCUS, Communication, ECPR, Termination with Bourke Tillmann, Scott Weingart, Sara Gray & Rob Simard Episode 169 Part 1 Cardiac Arrest Controversies with Bourke Tillmann, Scott Weingart, Sara Gray & Rob Simard Episode 167 Myocarditis with Paul Dorian & Walter Himmel Episode 166 Pericarditis & Cardiac Tamponade with Paul Dorian & Walter Himmel Episode 164 Part 2 Acute Heart Failure: Cardiogenic Shock Simplified with Tarlan Hedayati & Bourke Tillmann Episode 163 Part 1 Acute Heart Failure with Tarlan Hedayati & Bourke Tillmann Episode 161 Red Flag Headaches: Cervical Artery Dissection with Amit Shah & Roy Baskind Episode 160 Part 2 Geriatric Trauma with Barbara Haas, Bourke Tillmann & Camilla Wong Episode 159 Part [...]

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EM Quick Hits 35 – 10 Best Papers of 2021, Peripartum Cardiomyopathy, Crashing Asthmatic, Febrile Neutropenia, Anaphylaxis update

In this months EM Quick Hits podcast: Ken Milne expertly walks us through the 10 biggest EM papers of 2021, Brit Long on a careful structured approach to Febrile Neutropenia to improve outcomes, Catherine Varner on how not to miss Peripartum Cardiomyopathy, Joe Nemeth on Anaphylaxis update and Anand Swaminathan gives us his approach to the Crashing Asthmatic...

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