EM Cases brings you Canada’s brightest minds in Emergency Medicine. Dr. Stuart Swadron, EM:RAP’s ‘Captain Cortex’ in fact went to medical school at the University of Toronto and practiced in British Columbia before he headed down to Los Angeles to complete his Emergency Medicine Residency and become the residency program director at USC. So he is just the man to tell us his Best Case Ever about The Effect of Medical Insurance on ED Care and highlight some of the differences between the U.S. and Canadian health care systems.  This is in anticipation of our upcoming EM Cases episode on North York General’s ‘Highlights of the Emergency Medicine Update Conference 2014’, Canada’s largest and best EM Conference where Dr. Swadron spoke eloquently about his approach to Vertigo in the ED including the value of the HINTS exam. In this upcoming episode we will also have Dr. Amal Mattu talking about the most important Cardiology Literature from the past year. We would love to hear your opinion on how the Canadian and U.S. health care systems could be changed to help improve patient care in our emergency departments. Please post your comments below.

Published by Anton Helman, May 2014

For a look at the question of whether the type of health insurance effects patient outcomes in U.S. EDs see ‘Does Overcrowding and health insurance type impact patient outcomes in emergency departments’

For a provocative analysis of the impact of health insurance status on outcomes in California see ‘Working Paper – The Impact of Health Insurance on Treatment Intensity and Helath Outcomes’


Dr. Helman and Dr. Swadron have no conflicts of interest to declare.