One of Emergency Medicine’s most cutting edge educators Dr. Rob Rogers, the brains behind iTeach EM podcast & blog as well as the director of The Teaching Course tells us the story of his Best Case Ever where he used Social Media as an EM Education tool that led to a life saved and a difficult diagnostic pick-up.  In the upcoming episode on Social Media (SoMe) in EM education and FOAMed (Free Open Access Medical Education) with three prominent educators in the FOAM movement, Brent Thoma of Boring EM and Academic Life in EM, Ken Milne of The Skeptics Guide to EM & Rob Rogers, we discuss how SoMe can enhance your career, tips on how to get the most out of FOAMed without getting overwhelmed by the volume of material, swarm-based medicine, tacit knowledge sharing, the flipped classroom, the use of FOAMed in emergency medicine training curricula, how Twitter, Google+, Google Hangout and Google Glass have changed the face of medical education, and much more. To have your questions about SoMe and FOAMed answered by our guest experts and find key references go here.

Published June, 2014 by Anton Helman

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Dr. Rogers and Dr. Helman have no conflicts of interest to declare.