I caught up with my friend and education innovation mentor Dr. Rob Rogers at ACEP in Chicago where he told me the tale of his mother’s devastating illness – the only EM Cases occurrence of a second Best Case Ever. This powerful story begs many questions, some of which we discuss in the podcast: The importance of considering a lumbar puncture in the setting of altered mental status NYD, cognitive de-biasing strategies and the importance of being a humble patient advocate. We discuss a diagnosis that we should never miss in the ED, how to recognize it early, some pearls and pitfalls, as well as how to manage it effectively. We touch on how to recover from personal tragedy in anticipation of his upcoming SMACC talk in June 2015. Enough of this…..listen.


Published by Anton Helman November, 2014

Radiopedia review of herpes encephalitis

Life in The Fast Lane review of herpes encephalitis

Postgrad Medicine review of herpes encephalitis (full PDF)