February 5/6 2021 6th annual (virtual) EM Cases Course is sold out.

Please contact Allison at [email protected] to be placed on the waiting list.

Day 1: Flipped classroom virtual small group round-table discussions with your favorite EM Cases guest experts

Day 2: Virtual team simulations with debriefing by content experts and sim experts plus ECG workshop with Jesse MacLaren and orthopedic x-ray workshop with Arun Sayal

2021 Course Brochure

EM Cases Course

And here’s the all-star line up for 2021…

Natalie Wolpert & Yonah Krakowsky: Urologic Emergencies & Procedures

Emer Finan & Maria Ivankovic: Getting comfortable with Neonatal Resuscitation

Andrew Morris & Sara Gray: Pneumonia & The Crashing COVID Patient

Kerstin De Wit & Maria Ivankovic: Pulmonary Embolism nuances in diagnosis and management

Justin Morgenstern & Paul Koblic: Status Epilepticus – No time to waste

Arun Sayal: Orthopedic x-ray interpretation – how not to miss important injuries

Andrew Petrosoniak: Managing the polytrauma patient like a ninja

Jesse McLaren: Occlusion MI – The paradigm shift in ECG cardiac ischemia interpretation