EMU 365: Year around videos from North York General’s Emergency Medicine Update Conference

This is the 6th instalment of The Emergency Medicine Update Conference’s recently launched EMU 365 video series.  Free open access videos of some of their premier plenary speakers will be released periodically to bring you Emergency Medicine Update year round!  These are edited talks from some of North America’s greatest speakers in Emergency Medicine. This video is in anticipation of our upcoming main podcast episode Trauma: The first and last 15 minutes with Dr. Petrosoniak, Dr. Chris Hicks and Dr. Kylie Bosman. In this EMU 65 video, Dr. Andrew Petrosoniak, trauma team leader at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, suggests a formula to assess which patients require massive transfusion, how to identify early who need blood and how, tools to help identify who needs blood, pitfall situations, how best to deliver the blood to your patients and more…

EMU 365 #6 – Bleeding Out: Massive Transfusion in Trauma with Andrew Petrosoniak

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