Dr. Paul Miller, emergency physician and head of a palliative care unit at McMaster Univeristy tells the story of his Best Case Ever on End of Life Care. He shows us that clear consultant communication can make the difference between end of life care that takes into account patients’ wishes and values and end of life care that fails. The upcoming episode on End of Life Care and Palliative Care in Emergency Medicine with Dr. Miller, Dr. Howard Ovens and Dr. Shona McLachlan will elucidate some strategies to manage some of the most challenging situations in Emergency Medicine, such as critically ill patients with ‘Full Code’ status who have no chance of meaningful survival, and cancer patients near the end of life who have false hopes of a cure and request aggressive medical management over aggressive palliative care. We review the most important treatment options for symptom management for the dying patient including pain, dyspnea and terminal delirium and much more…


Published September, 2015

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