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EM Quick Hits 55 – Induction Agents, Gabapentinoids, Neuroprotective Intubation, Approach to Paresthesias, Preventing Burnout

Anand Swaminathan on an update on the appropriate selection of induction agents. Hans Rosenberg on when to use gabapentinoids for pain control in the ED. Katie Lin on pearls for neuroprotective intubation. Nour Khatib and Hamza Jalal on an approach to paresthesias in the ED. Eric Wortmann on preventing burnout in emergency medicine. Please support EM Cases with a donation

EM Quick Hits 47 HFNC, Dissection Drugs, ADJUST-UNLIKELY for PE, Antibiotic Course Duration, Skin Glue Hacks, ESP Block, Learner Oversight

In this month's EM Quick Hits podcast: Anand Swaminathan on 3-pronged approach to aortic dissection management, Jonathan Wallace on rural practice tips for glue removal and ESP block for renal colic, Sara Gray on everything you need to know about High Flow Nasal Cannula but were afraid to ask, Maria Ivankovic on reducing the duration of antibiotic therapy for uncomplicated common bacterial infections, Tahara Bhate on handover and learner oversight on QI corner and Kerstin De Wit on the ADJUST-UNLIKELY tool for pulmonary embolism...

Résumés EM Cases

Épisode 193 Reconnaissance et prise en charge des crises d'asthme très sévères avec Leeor Sommer & Sameer Mal Épisode 192 Stratégies de prise en charge de l'asthme avec Leeor Sommer & Sameer Mal Épisode 191 L'avenir de la médecine d’urgence avec Alecs Chochinov & Davie Petrie Épisode 188 Hémoptysie avec Bourke Tillmann & Scott Weingart Épisode 187 Crash anaphylaxie et AMAX 4 avec Ben McKenzie Episode 186 Traumatic Dental Emergencies with Chris Nash & Richard Ngo Épisode 185 Urgences dentaires non traumatiques avec Chris Nash & Richard Ngo Épisode 184 Interactions médicamenteuses avec David Juurlink & Walter Himmel Épisode 183 MIP et lésions génitales avec Catherine Varner & Robyn Shafer Episode 182 STIs: Cervicitis, Vulvovaginitis, Urethritis with Catherine Varner & Robyn Shafer Episode 181 CVT, IIH, GCA, Peripartum Headache with Roy Baskind & Amit Shah Episode 180 Acetaminophen Poisoning with Emily Austin & Margaret Thompson Épisode 179 Blessures de la main avec Matt Distenfano & Arun Sayal Épisode 177 Prise en charge et défi diagnostic de la bronchiolite avec Suzanne Schuh Épisode 176 Pièges en radiographie orthopédique avec Arun Sayal & Yatin Chadha Épisode 175 Diagnostic différentiel orthopédique : Mnémotechnique SCARED OF avec Arun Sayal & [...]

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EMC Cases Summaries

The EM Cases Summaries are succinct, written, easily navigable, key point reports of each main episode podcast, authored by Our Team that you can download to your smartphone or tablet to reference and read at the bedside or at your leisure automatic download via dropbox. Download individual pdf EM Cases Summaries by clicking on the category and then episode title below Episode 194 Subarachnoid Hemorrhage Recognition, Workup, Diagnosis with Jeff Perry & Katie Lin Episode 193 Life Threatening Asthma with Leeor Sommer & Sameer Mal Episode 192 Asthma Management - 5 Step Approach with Leeor Sommer & Sameer Mal Episode 191 Future of EM - Systems Thinking with Alecs Chochinov & David Petrie Episode 190 Carpal Bone Injuries with Arun Sayal & Matt Distefano Episode 189 Wrist Injuries with Arun Sayal & Matt Distefano Episode 188 Hemoptysis with Bourke Tillmann & Scott Weingart Episode 187 Crashing Analphylaxis & AMAX4 Algorithm with Ben McKenzie Episode 186 Traumatic Dental Emergencies with Chris Nash & Richard Ngo Episode 185 Atraumatic Dental Emergencies with Chris Nash & Richard Ngo Episode 184 Drug Interactions with David Juurlink & Walter Himmel Episode 183 PID & Genital Lesions with Catherine Varner [...]

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Ep 164 Cardiogenic Shock Simplified

What is the preferred order of vasopressors and ionotropes in the management of cardiogenic shock? In which patients would dobutamine be preferred over milrinone and vice versa? How can we best pick up occult cardiogenic shock before it floured shock kicks in? What are the best strategies to efficiently get the patient in cardiogenic shock to definitive care, whether that be the cath lab or the operating room? What is the evidence for intra-aortic balloon pumps, percutaneous ventricular assist devices and ECMO in the patient with cardiogenic shock? Which patients with acute heart are safe to send home in general? How useful is the Ottawa Heart Failure Risk Score in aiding in disposition decisions?...

Ep 163 Acute Heart Failure ED Management – PoCUS, Oxygenation Strategies, Medication Strategies, PPV HAVoC and SCAPE

In this Part 1 of our two-part series on acute heart failure, Anton is joined by Dr. Tarlan Hedayati and Dr. Bourke Tillman to answer such questions as: how does PoCUS compare with clinical assessment and CXR in diagnostic accuracy for acute heart failure? How do we best integrate PoCUS in the our assessment and management of the patient with acute heart failure? What is PPV HAVoC and how can we use it to optimize acute heart failure management goals? What should be our specific goals of management in the acute heart failure depending on the underlying cause? How does high flow nasal cannula (HFNC) compare to non-invasive positive pressure ventilation (NIPPV) in the management of acute heart failure? How should we interpret the C3PO trial in the context of the world's literature on NIPPV in acute heart failure? How should we dose nitroglycerin to maximize its effects without dumping the blood pressure in patients with SCAPE and those without SCAPE? How should we best time and dose furosemide in the acute heart failure patient with renal insufficiency? Is there any role for morphine or ACEi in the ED management of acute heart failure? What are best anxiolytic medication choices in acute heart failure? Is there any role for second line diuretics in the management of acute heart failure in the ED? and many more...

Ep 160 Geriatric Trauma 2 Rib Fractures, Pelvic Fractures, Prognostication, Elder Abuse, Discharge Planning

In Geriatric Trauma Part 2 we answer questions such as: what are the indications for transfer to a trauma center in older patients with rib fractures and why? Can we accurately prognosticate older trauma patients in the ED? How can we best engage family members in goals of care discussions for the older trauma patient? What are the risk factors for elder abuse that we need to be aware of in the ED? How can we best minimize the risk for recurrent falls and bounce backs for the older trauma patient who is discharged from the ED? and many more...

Ep 159 Geriatric Trauma Part 1: The Under-Triaging Problem, Resuscitation, Airway, Head and C-spine Imaging, Clearing the C-spine

Just as pediatric patients are not small adults, geriatric patients are not just old adults. In this Part 1 of our 2-part EM Cases podcast series on Geriatric Trauma, Dr. Barbara Haas, Dr. Camilla Wong and Dr. Bourke Tillman answer questions such as: why are older patients under-triaged to trauma centers and how does that affect outcomes? What is the utility of the Shock Index in older patients? How should we adjust airway management for the older trauma patient? Which older patients do not require head or c-spine imaging after a ground level fall? Why is it challenging, yet of utmost importance, to clear the c-spine of a geriatric trauma patient as soon as possible? When can anticoagulation medications be safely resumed after an older person has sustained a minor head injury? and many more...

EM Quick Hits 28 Cardiogenic Shock, Radiation Dose in Pregnancy, PoCUS in Airway Management, VIPIT, Angiotensin II, Short-Term Steroid Safety

In this month's EM Quick Hits podcast: Anand Swaminathan on the approach to cardiogenic shock, Hania Bielawska on the myths of radiation dose in pregnant patients, Hans Rosenberg & Michael Gottlieb on PoCUS in airway management, Menaka Pai on VIPIT following AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccination, Brit Long & Michael Gottlieb on Angiotensin II for emergency clinicians, Michael Schull on tips on the safety of short-term steroid use....

ECG Cases 17 – ST ELEVATIONS mnemonic and Occlusion MI

In this ECG Cases blog we look at 10 patients who presented with ST elevation, and review the differential diagnosis of ST elevation using the ELEVATIONS mnemonic. Which had occlusion MI?

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