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EM Quick Hits 34 Carr’s Case, Septic Arthritis vs Transient Synovitis, Managing Tracheostomies, Ethylene Glycol Poisoning, Ketamine for Agitation

In this months EM Quick Hits podcast: The mighty return of Carr's Cases! Sarah Reid on differentiating septic arthritis from transient synovitis in pediatric limp, Anand Swaminathan on managing tracheostomy complications in the ED, Nour Khatib on rural medicine and ethylene glycol poisoning, Justin Morgenstern on RCTs for ketamine in patients with severe agitation...

EM Quick Hits 26 LAST, Sodium Nitrite Poisoning, Post-intubation Care, Tetracaine for Corneal Abrasion, ST Segment in Occlusion MI, Coping with COVID

Anand Swaminathan on LAST prevention, recognition and management, Emily Austin on sodium nitrite suicide kit poisoning, methemoglobinemia and methylene blue, Hans & Erin Rosenberg on post-intubation analgesia and sedation, Salim Rezaie on short-term tetracaine for corneal abrasions new evidence, Jesse MacLaren on differentiating ST deviation in occlusion MI from other causes, Robert Maunder on a 3 step approach to coping and building resilience during the COVID pandemic...

EM Quick Hits 24 Lateral Canthotomy, Cannabis Poisoning, Hyperthermia, Malignant Otitis Externa, BBB in Occlusion MI, Prone CPR

In this month's EM Quick Hits podcast: Anand Swaminathan on lateral canthotomy, Emily Austin on pediatric cannabis poisoning, Reuben Strayer on an approach to hyperthermia, Brit Long on diagnosis and management of malignant otitis externa, Jesse McLaren on ECG diagnosis of occlusion MI in patients with BBB and Peter Brindley on prone CPR...

Rapid Reviews Video – Low and Slow Poisoning Part 2: Digoxin Overdose

In this Rapid Reviews Video Nick Clarridge covers an approach to the bradycardic and hypotensive patient as well as the recognition, management and controversies of digoxin overdose...

EM Quick Hits 2 Organophosphate Poisoning, TXA for Hemoptysis, Metacarpal Fracture Rotation, Abdominal Stab Wounds, Pediatric IV Cannulation

On this EM Quick Hits podcast we have Emily Austin on organophosphate poisoning, Arun Sayal on malrotation of metacarpal fractures, Andrew Petrosoniak on pitfalls in abdominal stab wound management, Anand Swaminathan on tranexamic acid for non-massive hemoptysis, and Natalie May on pediatric IV cannulation tips and tricks...

BCE 64 Salicylate Poisoning

In this EM Cases Best Case Ever Hans Rosenberg and Rajiv Thavanathan discuss recognition and management pearls and pitfalls in salicylate poisoning. They answer question such as: What are the most important diagnostic clues of salicylate poisoning in the patient who presents with undifferentiated fever and altered level of awareness? What is the best timing and ventilation strategy for intubation? Which electrolyte abnormalities do you need to be on the lookout for? and many more...

Episode 90 – Low and Slow Poisoning

One of the things we need to think about whenever we see a patient who’s going low and slow with hypotension and bradycardia is an overdose. B-blockers, calcium channel blockers (CCB) and digoxin are some of the most frequently prescribed cardiovascular drugs. And inevitably we’re gonna be faced with both intentional and unintentional overdoses from these drugs in the ED. If we can recognize these overdoses early and manage them appropriately, well - we’ll save some lives...

Best Case Ever 26: Chloral Hydrate Poisoning and Cardiac Arrest

I met up with Mike Betzner at North York General's Update in EM Conference in Toronto. He is the medical director of Air Transport STARS air ambulance out of Calgary and an amazing speaker on the national lecturing circuit. His Best Case Ever on Chloral Hydrate poisoning & cardiac arrest describes a young man in cardiac arrest with resistant Ventricular Fibrillation and Torsades de Pointes. There is only one class of drugs that can get him back into normal sinus rhythm. Dr. Betzner describes how he recognized that this patient was suffering from Chloral Hydrate poisoning and how he saved his life with one simple intervention.

Résumés EM Cases

Épisode 170 Controverse de l'arrêt cardiaque partie I – PoCUS, Communication, ECPR, Termination avec Bourke Tillmann, Scott Weingart, Sara Gray & Rob SimardÉpisode 169 Controverses de l'arrêt cardiaque partie I avec Bourke Tillmann, Scott Weingart, Sara Gray & Rob SimardÉpisode 167 Myocardite avec Paul Dorian & Walter HimmelEpisode 166 Péricardite et tamponnade cardiaque  avec Paul DorianÉpisode 164 Choc cardiotonique simplifié avec Tarlan Hedayati & Bourke TillmannÉpisode 163 Insuffisance cardiaque aiguë partie 1 avec Tarlan Hedayati & Bourke TillmannÉpisode 161 Drapeaux rouges en céphalée : dissection artérielle cervicale avec Amit Shah & Roy BaskindÉpisode 160 Trauma gériatrique partie 2  avec Barbara Haas, Bourke Tillmann & Camilla WongÉpisode 159 Trauma gériatrique partie 1 avec Barbara Haas, Bourke Tillmann & Camilla WongÉpisode 158 Prise en charge du pneumothorax spontané primaire avec Gil Yehudaiff & Mehdi TahiriÉpisode 157 Maladies neuro musculaires avec George Porfiris & Roy BaskindÉpisode 156 Approche de la faiblesse musculaire aiguë avec George Porfiris & Roy BaskindÉpisode 155 Traitement de la bradycardie et des bradyartythmies avec Paul Dorian & Tarlan HedayatiÉpisode 154 Approche de la bradycardie avec Paul Dorian & Tarlan HedayatiÉpisode 153 Trauma crânien léger et commotions cérébrales pédiatriques avec Sarah Reid & Roger ZemekÉpisode 152 Protocoles d'hémorragie massive avec Jeannie Callum, Andrew Petrosoniak & Barabara HaasÉpisode 151 Lésions rénales aiguës – Prise en charge à l'urgence avec Ed Etchells & Bourke TillmannÉpisode 150 Lésions rénales aiguës – Approche à l'urgence et rhabdomyolyse avec Ed [...]

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Episode 1001 This is another weird title with author 1, and author 2I want this to be a French title with Bourke Tillmann, Scott Weingart, Sara Gray & Rob SimardEpisode 169 Cardiac Arrest Controversies Part 1 with Bourke Tillmann, Scott Weingart, Sara Gray & Rob SimardEpisode 167 Myocarditis with Paul Dorian & Walter HimmelEpisode 166 Pericarditis & Cardiac Tamponade with Paul Dorian & Walter HimmelEpisode 164 Cardiogenic Shock Simplified with Tarlan Hedayati & Bourke TillmannEpisode 163 Acute Heart Failure Part 1 with Tarlan Hedayati & Bourke TillmannEpisode 161 Red Flag Headaches: Cervical Artery Dissection with Amit Shah & Roy BaskindEpisode 160 Geriatric Trauma Part 2 with Barbara Haas, Bourke Tillmann & Camilla WongEpisode 159 Geriatric Trauma Part 1 with Barbara Haas, Bourke Tillmann & Camilla WongEpisode 158 Management of Spontaneous Pneumothorax with Gil Yehudaiff & Mehdi TahiriEpisode 157 Neuromuscular Diseases with George Porfiris & Roy BaskindEpisode 156 Approach to Acute Motor Weakness with George Porfiris & Roy BaskindEpisode 155 Treatment of Bradycardia & Bradydysrhythmias with Paul Dorian & Tarlan HedayatiEpisode 154 Approach to Bradycardia with Paul Dorian & Tarlan HedayatiEpisode 153 Pediatric Minor Head Injury & Concussion with Sarah Reid & Roger ZemekEpisode 152 Massive Hemorrhage Protocols with Jeannie Callum, Andrew Petrosoniak & Barabara HaasEpisode 151 AKI – ED Management with Ed [...]

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