The Hand Exam Masterclass with Arun Sayal (from EM Cases Summit 2023)2023-02-05T17:52:05-05:00
Postpartum Emergencies – Maternal Sepsis, Eclampsia & PE2022-11-08T13:44:54-05:00
Emergency Management of Chronic Pain with Reuben Strayer2022-09-27T10:42:58-04:00
Syncope Simplified with David Carr2022-08-02T14:42:34-04:00
Setting up Your Trauma Bay to Maximize Team Performance2022-01-31T13:14:07-05:00
Approach to PEA Arrest Beyond ACLS with Dr. Rob Simard2022-01-17T12:36:47-05:00
Central Line Placement: Troubleshooting the 4 Road Blocks2022-01-17T12:31:38-05:00
Placement of Pigtail Catheter Chest Tube for Spontaneous Pneumothorax2022-01-07T20:35:56-05:00
Rapid Review Video – Shoulder Injuries Approach and Dislocations2021-05-03T11:45:05-04:00
POCUS Cases 10 AAA – Accuracy, Pitfalls and Limitations2021-03-08T16:16:30-05:00
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