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EMU 365

EMU 365 is a free open access video series highlighting talks from North York General’s Emergency Medicine Update (EMU) Conference, the largest independent EM conference in Canada, all year round. World-class speakers such as Amal Mattu present key EM topics with a new talk released every few weeks. Visit emupdate.ca for more information about the conference. For more information on the EMU Conference and for registration visit emupdate.ca.


EMU 365: The Crashing Asthmatic

A crashing asthmatic patient rolls into your resuscitation bay. They are cyanotic with a thready pulse and a silent chest. What is your medical management algorithm? How do you manage intubation and ventilation in these patients? And what do you do post-intubation? At EMU 2019, Dr. Mike Betzner takes us through one of his best cases ever with a crashing asthmatic patient and discusses how to respond to the most severe asthma presentations.


EMU 365: Everything You Need to Know about TIA in 10 min

We know that 10-15% of strokes are preceded by TIAs, with 50% of these strokes occurring within 48hrs of a TIA. We need to be better as emergency physicians at catching the sentinel event. Dr. David Carr highlights at EMU 2019 his pearls in TIA diagnosis, workup and management: respect the eyes, look for the Crochetage sign on ECG, urgent head and neck imaging and dual antiplatelet agents for high risk patients...