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EMC GEM – Global EM is a monthly blog by Navpreet Sahsi and Hiren Patel, Toronto emergency physicians and Global Emergency Medicine experts.The goal of GEM EM is to review high yield core concepts in Global Emergency Medicine, discuss global health experiences from Canadian Emergency physicians and introduce ways to get involved in Global Emergency Medicine. EMC GEM has a vision to improve Emergency Medicine around the world.

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Global EM 4 Climate Change and the Impeding Impact on Emergency Medicine

With increasing forest fires, heat waves, floods, storms, vector-borne illnesses and heat waves, the emergency department is uniquely positioned to declare sentinel events, advocate on behalf of vulnerable populations and lead by example. Dr. Matt Douglas-Vail explains the need for Increased education on climate change and planetary health, Increased resource allocation in emergency departments for climate-related pathologies and increased disaster planning for climate-related emergencies on this month's Global EM blog...

Global EM 3 So you want to be a humanitarian doctor?

Dr. Nav Sahsi gives us a quick primer on Doctors Without Borders, explains the difference between humanitarian work and development work and describes the motivation, personal skills, education, time commitment and flexibility required for humanitarian work for all those with an interest in Global EM...

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