Anton Helman

Founder & Host

Dr. Anton Helman is an Emergency Physician at North York General in Toronto. He is an Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto, Division of Emergency Medicine, the Education Innovation Lead at the Schwartz-Reisman Emergency Medicine Institute and is on the advisory board of The Teaching Institute. He is the founder and host of Emergency Medicine Cases.

Garron Helman


An established leader in the technology sector, Mr. Helman has established and led large multinational businesses. After living in Vancouver, Hong Kong and Sydney, Garron now resides in Toronto where he is an executive in a consulting firm.

Teresa Chan

Dr. Teresa M. Chan is an Assistant Professor and the Continuing Professional Development Director for the Division of Emergency Medicine at McMaster University. She has an interest in medical education, digital teaching & learning, knowledge translation and evidence-based medicine. She is an Associate Editor of the Academic Life in Emergency Medicine ( blog and the Managing Editor of the BoringEM blog (

lucas chartier

Lucas Chartier

Contributing Editor

Dr. Lucas Chartier is a staff emergency physician at the North York General Hospital and UHN. He completed a Master of Public Health at Harvard University in order to further his training in quality improvement and patient safety, and he hopes to be part of the solution for a better, cheaper and faster healthcare system.

Lincoln Foerster

Resident Editor

Lincoln Foerster is an Emergency Medicine resident at the University of Calgary. As a Resident Editor at EM Cases he has authored website updates, the Q & A Pearl of the Week, and chapters for the EM Cases Digest ebook series.

Keerat Grewal

Keerat Grewal

Resident Editor

Keerat Grewal is a resident in the Emergency Medicine program at the University of Toronto, where she also completed medical school. Prior to medicine, Keerat earned her Masters of Sciences in Kinesiology. Her interests include epidemiology, resuscitation, and ultrasound. She is currently working on a research project with Dr. Atzema, looking at vertigo in the ED. Keerat has been involved with EM Cases as a podcast summary writer.

Claire Heslop

Contributing Editor

Dr. Claire Heslop is a emergency physician at University Health Network. She has a strong passion for #FOAMEd, is working towards a fellowship in point of care ultrasound, and further training in medical education. She is a resident editor at EM Cases

Michael Kilian

Resident Editor

Michael Kilian is a resident in the FRCP Emergency Medicine Program at the University of Toronto (Class of 2018). He has a passion for medical education, POCUS, pediatric EM and diagnostic decision-making. Specifically, he is researching the role of cognitive forcing strategies to improve diagnostic decision making and decrease medical error. During his PGY4 year, he will be pursuing a Clinical Fellowship in Pediatric Emergency Medicine at the Hospital for Sick Children.


Taryn Lloyd

Resident Editor

Taryn Lloyd is currently a emergency medicine resident at the University of Toronto. She has a passion for all things emergency medicine, medical education, and #FOAMed. She has many interests, including but not limited to: innovative, effective and efficient education, patient safety and quality improvement, and interprofessional team medicine. She is chief production editor for the EM Cases Digest ebook series.

Justin Morgenstern

Contributing Editor

Justin Morgenstern is an emergency physician and the director of simulation education at Markham Stouffville Hospital. He has a special interest in medical education, mental practice in emergency medicine, and science-based medicine. He is the founder of the #FOAMed blog First10EM and an Associate Editor at EM Cases. He is a writer of the BEEM Cases blog and interviews researchers on the Journal Jam podcast.

Michael Misch

Resident Editor

Dr Michael Misch is an Emergency Physician at North York General Hospital in Toronto. He is an associate editor of EM Cases and writes the CritCases blog. As an active consumer of FOAM, he hopes to contribute to the amazing community of emergency care providers who create excellent medical education for all.

Rory Spiegel

Contributing Editor

Rory Spiegel is a clinical instructor and advanced resuscitation trainee in Emergency Medicine at Stony Brook School of Medicine in Long Island, New York, and the founder of the EM Nerd blog.

Michelle Yee

Resident Editor

Michelle Yee is a Family Medicine resident at the University of Toronto with a passion for Emergency Medicine. Having earned her Masters of Business Administration prior to medical school, she enjoys applying her skills in healthcare management to quality improvement projects. Michelle’s interest in innovation and medical technology led her to develop a pilot discharge summary translation tool at the UHN ED. Currently, Michelle is the Production Editor for the EM Cases Digest ebook series.

Anton Nikouline

Resident Editor

Anton Nikouline is a medical student at the University of Toronto (Class of 2017). His interests include medical education, sports medicine and resuscitation. He hopes to help contribute to the growing #FOAMed community. He is currently working as a researcher for the main episode podcasts.

Richard Hoang

Resident Editor

Richard Hoang is an Emergency Medicine resident at the University of Ottawa with a variety of academic interests including medical education, FOAMed, simulation, and palliative care. He hopes to bring his enthusiasm to the FOAMed world and make his mark on the dynamic and evolving Med Ed landscape. He is currently a resident editor at EM Cases.

Rajiv Thavanathan

Resident Editor

Rajiv Thavanathan is a resident in the FRCP Emergency Medicine program at the University of Ottawa. His academic interests include trauma, point of care ultrasound, and simulation. In a previous life he hosted the “Toronto Independent Music Podcast” for BlogTO and still remains an avid music fan.

Chang Lu

Junior Editor

Chang Lu is a Family Medicine resident at University of Toronto with interests in emergency medicine and medical education. With experiences in computer programming, he embraces new technologies and enjoys using them to improve patient care and medical learning. Currently, Chang contributes to the Just the Nuggets series.