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EM Cases Summit videos are choice talks, procedural videos, rants and panel discussions from the annual conference with the worlds best educators and speakers. For full access to all the Summit videos and to support EM Cases please visit emcasessummit.com to purchase your full digital streaming package for 3 months after the Summit each year.

em cases rapid reviews

Rapid Reviews Videos.  In each series of 6-10 minute videos, our team reviews the key take-home points from one of the EM Cases main episode podcasts. To maximize your knowledge acquisition and retention, and in keeping with the educational theories of spaced repetition learning and multimodal learning, we recommend that after listening to the main episode podcast, you read the blog post or written summary, review the Just the Nuggets emails with quizzes (sign up via our newsletter here) and watch the Rapid Reviews video! And to consolidate it all try answering the questions on the quiz at the bottom of each main episode podcast page.

POCUS Cases is an original EM Cases video series led by Dr. Robert Simard, an Emergency Physician at North York General Hospital and Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto. Rob always wished he had x-ray vision…but since he possesses no special powers…using Point-of-Care Ultrasound (POCUS) is the next closest thing. He completed a POCUS fellowship at NOSM and teaches POCUS nationally and internationally. He is the creator of POCUS Cases, an original EM cases screencast that provides POCUS clinical pearls in an engaging and fun way that will help you provide stellar care to your patients.