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EM Quick Hits 33 Polytrauma Tips & Tricks, Toxic Megacolon, ECG in PE, Patch Calls, CT Before LP, Nebulized Ketamine

In this month's EM Quick Hits podcast, Anand Swaminathan on tips and tricks in polytrauma, Rohit Mohindra on diagnosis and management of toxic megacolon, Jesse McLaren on ECG in pulmonary embolism, Victoria Myers on approach to the patch call for cardiac arrest, Brit Long on when to do a CT head before LP, Salim Rezaie on nebulized ketamine - the ketaBAN study...

ECG Cases 26: Pulmonary Embolism and Acute RV Strain

In this month's ECG Cases Dr. Jesse McLaren runs through 10 cases and explains how the ECG can be integral in the diagnosis and management of pulmonary embolism, even though it is not incorporated into any of the commonly used decision tools for diagnosis of pulmonary embolism...

EM Quick Hits 32 Checkpoint Inhibitors, Adult Epiglotitits, HSP, Heat Stroke, Bell’s Palsy and Leukemia

In this EM Quick Hits: Walter Himmel on new diseases associated with immune checkpoint inhibitors, Leeor Sommer on the evolution of epiglottitis - adult epiglottitis clinical pearls, Sarah Reid on how to pick up HSP, Anand Swaminathan on an approach to management of heat stroke, Justin Morgenstern on the association between pediatric Bell's palsy and leukemia...

ECG Cases 25: ‘Late STEMI’ – How acute is the coronary occlusion?

In this ECG Cases blog we look at 10 patients with potentially ischemic symptoms. Which had a coronary occlusion, and how acute were they? Jesse McLaren explains 'Late STEMI' and how reperfusion strategies should not be based on time of symptom onset...

Ep 160 Geriatric Trauma 2 Rib Fractures, Pelvic Fractures, Prognostication, Elder Abuse, Discharge Planning

In Geriatric Trauma Part 2 we answer questions such as: what are the indications for transfer to a trauma center in older patients with rib fractures and why? Can we accurately prognosticate older trauma patients in the ED? How can we best engage family members in goals of care discussions for the older trauma patient? What are the risk factors for elder abuse that we need to be aware of in the ED? How can we best minimize the risk for recurrent falls and bounce backs for the older trauma patient who is discharged from the ED? and many more...

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