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Ep 172 Syncope Simplified with David Carr

In this main episode podcast, Dr. David Carr joins Anton to give us his simplified approach to syncope based solely on history, physical and ECG to help guide disposition decisions.  We answer questions such as: What features have the best likelihood ratios to help distinguish syncope from seizure? What key clinical features on history and physical exam can help us distinguish orthostatic and reflex syncope from the more sinister cardiac syncope? What is the best approach to ECG interpretation for the patient who has presents with syncope? Are syncope clinical decision tools any better than physician gestalt? and many more....

EM Quick Hits 40 – GI Balloon Tamponade, SVT and Troponin, Falls in Older Patients, Vertical Vertigo, VAFEI Airway

In this month's EM Quick Hits podcast: Anand Swaminathan on GI balloon tamponade preparation and indications, Jesse McLaren on why troponin is rarely useful in SVT, Christina Shenvi on why we should not use the term "mechanical fall" in older patients, Nour Khatib & Jonathan Wallace on rural vertical vertigo case and Reuben Strayer on VAFEI - Video-Assisted Flexible Endoscopic Intubation for the anatomically challenging airway...

Ep 171 Posterior Stroke, EP Lead, HEAR Score, Ketamine for Suicidal Ideation, Peer Support Workers – Highlights from Calgary EM Hodsman Lecture Day

In this special edition main EM Cases podcast episode we feature the highlights from live podcasts recorded at Calgary EM during their annual Hodsman Lecture Day, covering a variety of current EM topics: The challenges of posterior circulation stroke (PCIS); Emergency Physician Lead to improve ED overcrowding, access block and job satisfaction; When not to order a troponin - The HEAR Score; Ketamine to relieve suicidal ideation and reduce acute risk; Peer Support Workers for ED patients with mental health issues and substance use disorder, plus a description of the Pathway to Peers program...

EM Quick Hits 39 Overdiagnosis, Lytics for Submassive PE, Pericardial Effusion, Hemophilia Treatment

In this month's EM Quick Hits podcast Justin Morgenstern & Eddy Lang discuss the problem of overdiagnosis in EM, Anand Swaminathan's approach to indications and dosing of thrombolytics for submassive (intermediate risk) pulmonary embolism, Tahara Bhate's QI Corner on a patient with unexplained shortness of breath, Brit Long on emergency treatment of the bleeding hemophilia patient...

ECG Cases 32 Prehospital ECG pearls and pitfalls

In this ECG Cases blog we review 8 cases of patients with prehospital ECGs and explore prehospital ECGs for diagnosing STEMI, Occlusion MI, false STEMI, code STEMI, dynamic ischemic changes, truncated voltages. Can you avoid the pitfalls and spot the pearls that help to make the diagnosis?

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