We want you to be the best EM provider you can be. In a specialty with an ever increasing knowledge base, it is challenging not only to keep up but to retain what you learn. That’s why we developed the EM Cases Learning System, so that you can maximize your learning and retention of key points through spaced repetitive multimodal learning. What do we mean by spaced repetitive multimodal learning? Let’s break it down. Current learning theory suggests that if you actively take in a given set of information through various activities (listening to podcasts, reading the show notes/written summary, watching a video, writing quizzes etc) over time, you are more likely to retain that information and integrate it into your knowledge base. That’s the multimodal part.  The “spaced” part of spaced repetitive multimodal learning simply means that you should place a few days or weeks break in between the various learning activities. We’ve integrated the repetition by covering a single topic on the main episode podcasts, the show notes, the Rapid Reviews Videos, the Just the Nuggets emails and the Quiz Vault.

Quizzes for almost all of the episodes are located in one easy to access place on the EM Cases website:

The EM Cases Quiz Vault!

Try it out. After listening to a main episode podcast, read the show notes on the blog or written summary on the written summaries page, watch the Rapid Review Video and then take the quiz. If you’ve signed up for our newsletter, you’ll receive your Just the Nuggets emails too! It’s best if you spread these activities out over a few weeks.

Let us know how you’re progressing. We’d love your feedback!

Anton & The EM Cases Team

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