As an EM Cases learner and CCFP you can claim one M2 credit for each hour of listening and reading the written summaries and blog posts. Since there are more than 25hrs of podcast material per year, you can get ALL your credits required for one year (25 credits) from EM Cases if you listen to every podcast, and HALF of the total number of credits required for a 5 year cycle.

This if from the CFPC website:

Mainpro® (Maintenance of Proficiency) is the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) program designed to support and promote the continuous professional development of its members.
When you join the CFPC as a member, complete the certification examination or register as a non-member Mainpro participant, you are assigned to a five-year Mainpro® cycle. You must report at least 25 Mainpro credits every year, and a minimum of 250 Mainpro credits in each five-year cycle to maintain your membership and/or special designation(s).

There are three types of Mainpro credits: M1, M2 and C. At least 125 of the 250 credits must be Mainpro-M1 and/or Mainpro-C. Up to 125 of the 250 credits may be Mainpro-M2 credits.

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If you have questions about CFPC MAINPRO credits contact the CPD staff at [email protected]