EM Quick Hits 51 – Methylene Blue in Septic Shock, TMJ Dislocation, Crohn’s Disease, Analgesia for Renal Colic, Inhaled Steroids for Asthma, Hypocalcemia in Bleeding Trauma Patients

On this month's EM Quick Hits podcast: Anand Swaminathan on the role of methylene blue in septic shock, Nour Khatib on jaw dislocation reduction techniques, Hans Rosenberg on a phenotypic approach to Crohn's disease emergencies, Gil Yehudaiff on evidence based analgesics in renal colic, Brit Long on the importance of inhaled steroids for asthma, and Andrew Petrosoniak on the "lethal diamond" in polytrauma patients and the current state of hypocalcemia in bleeding trauma patients... Please support EM Cases with a donation:

EM Quick Hits 50 Normal Unenhanced CT Renal Colic DDx, Perichondritis, Magnesium in Pediatric Asthma, Steroids for Pneumonia, OMI Cath Lab Activation

On this month's EM Quick Hits podcast David Carr on differential diagnosis of normal unenhanced CT renal colic, Leeor Sommer on recognition and management of perichondritis and auricular abscess, Suzanne Schuh on IV magnesium sulphate for pediatric asthma, Jess McLaren on Occlusion MI ECG interpretation requiring cath lab activation and Justin Morgenstern on update on steroids for pneumonia... Please support EM Cases with a donation:

Ep 183 STIs: Pelvic Inflammatory Disease and Genital Lesions – HSV, Syphilis and LVG

In this part 2 of our 2-part series on STIs with Dr. Catherine Varner and Dr. Robyn Shafer we answer such questions as: Why should we care about making the diagnosis of pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) in the ED? What combination of clinical features and lab tests should trigger a presumptive diagnosis and empiric treatment of PID? Which patients with PID require admission to hospital? What are the test characteristics of ultrasound for the diagnosis of PID and for Fitz-Hugh-Curtis Syndrome? When and how should we work up  patients for syphilis in the ED? When should we suspect and empirically treat for lymphogranuloma venereum and granuloma inguinale? does an IUD need to be removed in patients with PID? and many more...

Ep 182 STIs: Cervicitis, Vulvovaginitis and Urethritis Emergency Recognition and Management

In this Part 1 or our two-part podcast series on STIs we discuss a general approach to cervicitis, vulvovaginitis and urethritis, elucidate some key historical features, debate who needs a pelvic exam in the ED, understand who needs what testing, debate self swabs vs physician taken swabs, dig into some specific under-recognized organisms like Mycoplasma Genitalium, figure out who needs what kind of empiric treatment, sexual partner treatment and which discharge instructions are key...

Ep 151 AKI Part 2 – ED Management

In this Part 2 of our AKI series we discuss the timing, volume and IV crystalloid of choice in AKI patients as well as dialysis indications and timing in light of the recent STARRT-AKI trial. We answer the questions: are piperacillin and vancomycin in combination contraindicated in patients with severe AKI? Is vasopressin preferred over norepinephrine in patients with AKI and septic shock? Is there a role for IV sodium bicarbonate in AKI? When should ACEi/ARBs be held in AKI patients? When, if ever, should NSAIDs be given in AKI patients, and if so, how should the dose be modified? and many more....

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