We want you to be the best EM provider you can be. In a specialty with an ever increasing knowledge base, it is challenging not only to keep up but to retain what you learn. That’s why we developed the EM Cases Learning System. With the EM Cases Learning System you can maximize your learning and retention of key points through spaced repetitive multimodal learning. We’ve integrated the repetition by covering a single topic on the podcasts, the show notes, the Rapid Reviews Videos, the Just the Nuggets emails and, now, the icing on the cake, The Quiz Vault.

Evidence suggests that test enhanced learning by taking quizzes on the material is the best way to retain knowledge. The 800 question (and growing) Quiz Vault has been designed by a development team over the past year so that you can quickly and easily get test enhanced learning at your fingertips for free. Build your own customized quiz by episode, by year and by medical field. Sign in once and you’re ready to go. Quizzes on individual episodes can also be access at the bottom of the show notes for that particular episode with one click. You receive instant feedback for every multiple choice question you answer with a detailed explanation and your quiz scores are shown compared to the community averages. Whether you’re studying for an exam or need to brush up on Pediatric EM because your ED doesn’t see many pediatric patient, or you just want to make sure you etch all the practice enhancing pearls from the EM Cases main episode podcasts, The Quiz Vault will help you on your path to b the best EM provider you can be!

Here’s an example question with explanation…

Quizzes for almost all of the episodes are located in one easy to access place on the EM Cases website under “Quiz Vault” in the navigation bar at the top of any EM Cases page or if you click on the Quiz Vault logo on the sidebar.

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