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ECG Cases - Making Complexes Simple

ECG Cases – Making complexes simple is a monthly blog by Jesse McLaren (@ECGcases), a Toronto emergency physician with an interest in emergency cardiology quality improvement and education. Each post features a number of ECGs related to a particular theme or diagnosis (with a focus on acute coronary occlusion), so you can test your interpretation skills. We challenge you with missed or delayed diagnosis, those with false positive diagnosis, and those that had a rapid and correct diagnosis. Cases are followed by a quick summary of the literature that relates to the cases, and we bring it home with practice changing pearls that you can use on your next shift.

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ECG Cases 24 Reciprocal Change and Occlusion MI

Dr. Jesse MacLaren reviews 10 ECG cases highlighting how reciprocal change can be secondary to LBBB/LVH, primary changes, or both, how it can be the first and remain the dominant sign of occlusion, pointing to subtle ST elevation or hyperacute T waves, how it can can highlight subtle inferior, lateral or proximal LAD occlusions, how it can be the only sign of posterior OMI; and how it can be absent in mid-distal LAD occlusion...

ECG Cases 23 – Wellens syndrome, reperfusion and reocclusion MI

Eight patients presented with potentially ischemic symptoms and T-wave inversions. Which had occlusion MI, which were reperfused and which were reoccluded? Jesse McLaren helps you discover the nuances of Wellens syndrome and T-wave inversions on this month's ECG Cases blog...

ECG Cases 22: T-wave INVERSION mnemonic

The differential for T-wave INVERSION includes: Incorrect lead placement, No bundle (RBBB, LBBB), Ventricular hypertrophy (LVH, RVH), Embolism, Reciprocal/refractory/reperfused occlusion MI, Sudden death (ARVD), Iatrogenic (digoxin), Obtunded (eg SAH), and Normal variant. Jesse McLaren runs through 10 cases of patients who present to the ED who have T-wave inversions on their ECGs...

ECG Cases 21: Hyperacute T-waves and Occlusion MI

In this month's ECG Cases blog, Dr. Jesse MacLaren guides us through 10 cases of patients whose ECGs show tall T-waves and gives us the tools to distinguish the hyperacute T-waves of occlusion MI from other causes of tall T-waves....

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