About Jesse McLaren

Dr. Jesse McLaren (@ECGcases), is an Emergency Physician in Toronto with a special interest in emergency cardiology quality improvement and education. He is an Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto.

ECG Cases 8 Cardiovascular Emergencies During The COVID-19 Pandemic

In this ECG Cases blog we look at 6 patients who presented with cardiorespiratory symptoms, possibly from COVID and illustrate the dangers of anchoring, being hypervigilant for cardiovascular complications, and why testing for COVID in patients being admitted for ACS is important...

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ECG Cases 9 – First Diagonal Occlusion

Seven patients with ischemic symptoms, none meeting STEMI criteria but all identified by a specific pattern of first diagonal branch occlusion are explored in this ECG Cases blog with Jesse MacLaren who also explains The South African Flag Sign...

ECG cases 7: ST elevation in aVR, STEMI-equivalent?

10 patients presented with the "STEMI-equivalent" ST elevation in aVR with diffuse ST depression. Which had acute coronary occlusion? Jesse McLaren guides us through the differential diagnosis of ST elevation in aVR with diffuse ST depression in this ECG Cases blog...

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ECG Cases 4: Lateral STEMI or Occlusion MI?

In this ECG Cases blog we look at seven patients with potentially ischemic symptoms and subtle ECG changes in the lateral leads. Which had acute coronary occlusion?  Introducing the concept of Occlusion MI - a paradigm shift in ECG diagnosis of MI...

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ECG Cases 3: Can you find the subtle inferior MI?

In this ECG Cases blog we look at 8 patients with potentially ischemic symptoms, to highlight pearls and pitfalls of inferior MI. Can you identify which ones had acute coronary occlusion?...

ECG Cases 2: Early Repolarization or Anterior STEMI?

In this ECG Cases blog we present ECGs from 7 patients who presented with chest pain and mild anterior ST elevation. Can you identify which were early repolarization and which were anterior STEMI?

ECG Cases 1: Missed Ischemia – Never Trust the ECG Computer Interpretation

In EM Cases' first ECG Cases blog we review 7 examples of ECGs of patients presenting to the ED with chest pain, who's ECG were read as normal by the computer. And guess what...they all show acute ischemia!