COVID-19 Update May 26

COVID-19 Update May 26th, 2020 by Dr. Andrew Morris Edited by Anton Helman Epidemiology and Prevention of COVID-19 We have no idea how to prevent COVID-19 with non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs), but it is clear that jurisdictions that have effectively pursued a test, trace, isolate approach combined with physical distancing and mask-wearing can get COVID-19 under control.  Those that cannot do not get COVID-19 under control.  As it stands, there are no effective pharmaceutical interventions for COVID-19.  Perhaps the most hotly pursued was hydroxychloroquine prophylaxis.  We await the clinical trials.  I will discuss treatment later on. If we talk about acquisition of disease, the epidemiology has been fairly consistent: the highest risk comes from prolonged, close contact, indoors, unmasked, ideally with shared surfaces or food.  So household contacts are important, but there have been several high-profile outbreaks, including the well-described choir practice, where 61 people attended a 2.5h choir practice where there was one symptomatic person, with an attack rate of 53-87%, resulting in 3 hospitalizations and 2 deaths. What becomes less clear is the role of children in disease acquisition and transmission.  Epidemiologists struggle with this a bit, because children are long believed to be [...]

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COVID Surviving Sepsis Guidelines Summary

Surviving Sepsis Campaign­­ Guidelines on COVID-19­ (Published March 20, 2020) Summary for EM Cases Prepared by Winny Li Summary of 54 statements on: 1) Infection control, 2) Lab diagnosis and specimens, 3) hemodynamic support, 4) ventilatory support, 5) COVID-19 therapy 4 best practice statements 9 strong recommendations 35 weak recommendations 6 no recommendations Full summary can be found: Summary of recommendations on hemodynamic and pharmacologic therapy in patients with COVID-19

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COVID Series Podcasts & Show Notes

Part 5: Epidemiology & Prediction Models Part 4: Protected Intubation Part 3: PPE: What You Need to Know & Conservation Strategies Part 2: Surge Capacity Strategies Part 1: Screening, Diagnosis & Management Quick Hits 14: You Colleagues Experiences & Tips 1 Quick Hits 15: Practical Tips, Pediatric Management & Human Factors Quick Hits 16: Oxygenation strategies, Trauma Modifications, Addictions Considerations, Cardiac Complications & Compassionate Care

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