In the upcoming episode on Managment of Hyponatremia, Dr. Baimel and the first ever Internal Medicine specialist on EM Cases, Dr. Ed Etchells, discuss a rational step-wise approach to managing Hyponatremia, tailored for the EM practitioner; when you might consider giving DDAVP in the ED, the best way to correct Hyponatremia, how to manage the patient who’s Hyponatremia has been corrected too quickly, and an easy approach to the differential diagnosis. Get a sneak peak at the algorithm that will be explain and review in the upcoming episode……

Published February 2015

Step-Wise Approach to Hyponatremia and Prevention of Over-correction of Hyponatremia

Conceived by Dr. Edward Etchells, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Toronto, Canada

over-correction of hyponatremia

Dr. Helman & Dr. Etchells have no conflict of interest to declare