Many thanks to all the wonderful participants and speakers at the EM Cases Summit 2023. Over 3 days of superlative talks, procedural videos, panel discussions, symposiums and sims we all learned so much! There was a wonderful feeling of the world-wide EM community gathering, sharing, learning from each other and growing. Participants from Sweden to Brazil to India to Switzerland to Australia to Africa and beyond all joined in. Whether it was the chatbox exploding during the “Fixing the EM Crisis” panel discussion, or the dozens of excellent questions asked to our rising star speakers like Katie Lin and Sarah Foohey or veteran speakers like Anand Swaminathan and Walter Himmel, or the giving away of prizes for the best questions, or the keen engagement of the participants in the Simulation Sessions, or the great discussions in the Rural EM, Global EM and Wellness symposiums, it was a peak learning experience for many of us.

If you missed it, no worries, we’ve got you covered!

All the main stage talks of both the 2023 and 2021 EM Cases Summits are now available for video streaming, on your own time, for a limited time only thru Plus you get the 2023 and 2021 eBooks summarizing the talks as a bonus. New EM Cases swag too!

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Here is a taste of the Summit
with Arun Sayal’s Masterclass on the Hand Exam…