EM Cases Survey

Up to now Anton and The EM Cases Team have been developing the EM Cases resources based on informal feedback, flashes of inspiration and brainstorming sessions. It's time for an official survey so that we can make EM Cases the best that it can be for your learning - the scientific way. Five minutes of your time will mean a whole world of benefit for you and your colleagues - the thousands of EM Cases listeners - and you will be automatically eligible for a free Kindle Paperwhite...

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EM Cases Course 2018 Speakers Announced!

Announcing the speaker line-up for the 3rd annual EM Cases Course, February 3rd, 2018 in Toronto. After getting feedback from our sold out courses in 2016 and 2017 we have a superlative line up in store for you, with live podcasts, small group workshops, prizes and fun learning...

New Sickle Cell Disease Management Rapid Reviews Video

Our EM Cases feature Rapid Reviews Videos is growing! The latest release covers the main episode on Emergency Management of Sickle Cell Disease with John Foote and Richard Ward. In this video Michelle Yee reviews the key questions on history when assessing patients with sickle cell disease, the complications of sickle cell disease, an approach to pain and symptom management, and common misconceptions/pitfalls in emergency management of sickle cell disease pain crisis....

New Rapid Reviews Videos on IV Iron & Hyponatremia

Two classic EM Cases main episode podcasts, IV Iron for Anemia in EM with Jeannie Callum and Walter Himmel, and Emergency Management of Hyponatremia with Melanie Baimel and Ed Etchells are covered in the latest Rapid Reviews Videos by Taryn Lloyd and Nick Clarridge. Dr. Lloyd reviews how to avoid needless blood transfusions, the indications for IV iron and how to actually administer IV iron, while Dr. Clarridge reviews a novel approach, causes, complications and management of hyponatremia in the ED...

Rapid Reviews Videos on Hyperkalemia

Our new EM Cases feature Rapid Reviews Videos is growing! The latest release covers the main episode on hyperkalemia with Melanie Baimel and Ed Etchells. In the first video Nick Clarridge reviews a general approach to hyperkalemia, the ECG changes and mimics and determining the cause. In the second video he reviews the 3 core principles of hyperkalemia management, the indications for calcium, insulin and bicarb in hyperkalemia and the options in management of hyperkalemia associated with cardiac arrest....

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Rapid Reviews Videos Launch

Announcing a brand new FOAMed offering from EM Cases: Rapid Reviews Videos. In each series of 6 minute videos our team reviews the key take home points from one of the EM Cases main episode podcasts. Every few weeks a new Rapid Reviews video will be released to reinforce everything we discussed on the podcast so that you can ace your exams and take stellar care of your patients!

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EM Cases Best of 2016 Top Ten

The year 2016 was one of the most productive one in the entire 7 year history of EM Cases with a total of 29 podcast releases, the introduction of the CritCases blog, the Q & A Pearl of the Week, Just The Nuggets emails, BEEM Cases, the expansion of the Waiting to Be Seen blog, the second EM Cases Digest ebook and the first ever EM Cases Course. The website was viewed by 227,200 visitors, and podcast downloads totaled a whopping 1,626,190 downloads in 2016, bringing us to over 3.5 million podcast downloads since inception. Based on a blend of the number of podcast downloads, webpage views, social media engagement, scores on the questionnaires at the bottom of each post, number of positive emails and comments that I received, and my own favs, I'm pleased to bring you the EM Cases Best of 2016 Top 10 picks of 2016...

New EM Cases Feature: Just The Nuggets

We have a brand new free offering to enhance your EM learning: Just The Nuggets, where you receive the key points from the EM Cases main episodes directly into your email inbox. Knowledge comes in little packets. Sign up for Just The Nuggets on The EM Cases Newsletter page.

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EM Cases Course 2017 Speakers Confirmed!

Announcing the speaker line-up for the 2nd annual EM Cases Course on February 4th, 2017! After getting feedback from our sold out course in 2016 we have a superlative line up in store for you, with more simulation, live podcasts, small group workshops, prizes and fun learning.

EM Cases Digest Vol.2 Pediatric Emergencies Release

Announcing the release of the second EM Cases eBook! After the great success of our first eBook in 2015 with more than 4000 downloads, and after a year of hard work of a fantastic team of 15 people, we're excited to release the 2nd interactive FOAMed eBook 'EM Cases Digest Vol.2 Pediatric Emergencies'. This easy-to-navigate eBook contains cases, Q & As, links to useful resources, rapid review questions and more, all based on the pediatric EM Cases podcasts published to date. It includes chapters on everything from sepsis to pediatric POCUS. Peruse the book and download your free copy on the eBooks page here.

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