Best Case Ever 13: Aortic Dissection

Dr. David Carr, the past author of Tintinalli's chapter on occlusive arterial disease, tells us his Best Case Ever related to Aortic Dissection. In the related Episode 28: Aortic Dissection, Acute Limb Ischemia & Compartment Syndrome, we discuss the breadth of presentations and key diagnostic clues of Aortic Dissection. We review the value of ECG, CXR, biomarkers and the use of Transesophageal Echo and CTA in this sometime elusive diagnosis. We debate lots of clinical pearls and pitfalls when it comes to acute limb ischemia, and end with a discussion on the trials and tribulations of Compartment Syndrome. [wpfilebase tag=file id=398 tpl=emc-play /] [wpfilebase tag=file id=399 tpl=emc-mp3 /]

Episode 22b: Whistler Update in Emergency Medicine Conference 2012

In this bonus episode, our second installment of the highlights from Whistler's Update in Emergency Medicine Conference 2012, we have Dr. David Carr updating us on infectious diseases, Dr. Dennis Scolnick giving us the low down on pediatric urological emergencies, Dr. Anil Chopra reviewing the pearls and pitfalls of managing shock states, and much more. In these conference highlights our experts answer such questions as: Which oral antibiotics can replace IV antibiotics in the majority of bacterial infections? What are the most recent recommendations for pelvic inflammatory disease management? Which patients with mammalian bites require antibiotics? How can we best counsel our patients with potential exposure to HIV? Does every child with a painful scrotum require an ultrasound? What is the role of treatment with Bicarb in shock? What are the best antibiotic choices in patients suspected of septic shock? When are steroids indicated for patients in shock? How should you decide between the different vasopressors for shock? and many more.......

Episode 13 Part 2: Killer Coma Cases – The Intoxicated Patient

In part 2 of this episode Dr. Helman presents two more cases to Dr. Carr and Dr. Steinhart, who give us their insights into the common conundrums when it comes to the intoxicated ED patient, and some key clues to the not-so-common life threatening toxicological emergencies that we need to be on the look out for.

Episode 13 Part 1: Killer Coma Cases – The Found Down Patient

In Part 1 of Killer Coma Cases - The Found Down Pateint, Dr. Helman presents two challenging cases to Dr. Brian Steinhart and Dr. David Carr, who tell us loads of key clinical pearls in their approaches to the 'found down' patient. They discuss the important components of the neurological exam in the comatose patient, the differential diagnosis of altered mental status and hyperthermia, the controversies around when to get a CT head before performing a lumbar puncture, and much more in this Killer Coma Cases episode. In Part 1 of this episode, we discuss the limitations of plain CT, the interpretation of CSF and the many faces of seizures. Any more information would be giving away the cases.....

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