In the related episode Dr. Yaphe and Dr. Indy Ghosh discuss such questions as: What are the most important risk factors for septic arthritis? What are the most predictive signs and symptoms of septic arthritis? How does serum WBC, ESR and CRP contribute to the probability of septic arthritis? Should we still be performing arthrocenteses on patient’s with overlying cellulitis? with an INR of 6? How can you tell the difference between septic bursitis and septic arthritis and how are they managed differently? What does the literature tell us about how useful the synovial fluid tests are in ruling in or ruling out septic arthritis? What is the role of bedside ultrasound in septic arthritis? Is there a role for steroid therapy in septic arthritis? When would you consider oral NSAIDs vs oral prednisone vs intra-articular methylprednisolone for the treatment of Gout? Is there a role for colchicine in the ED treatment of Gout? What is acute calcific arthritis of hydroxyapatite disease and why is it important for ED docs to know about? What is the most common cause of dermatitis-arthritis? How can one distinguish Reactive Arthritis from Septic Arthritis clinically, and how do their work-ups differ? Is there a role for antibiotics in Reactive Arthritis? How does gonococcal arthritis present compared with nongonococcal septic arthritis? and many more…..