This is POCUS Cases 6 – Pericardial Effusion POCUS

POCUS Cases is an original EM Cases video series led by Dr. Robert Simard, an Emergency Physician at North York General Hospital and Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto. He completed a POCUS fellowship at NOSM and teaches POCUS nationally and internationally.

In this POCUS Cases 6 – Pericardial Effusion, Dr. Simard reviews the literature on accuracy of POCUS for pericardial effusion diagnosis, compares and contrasts the two cardiac views for determining a pericardial effusion, explains how to distinguish between pericardial fluid vs epicardial fat and pericardial fluid vs pleural effusion, explains the findings of cardiac tamponade and electrical alternans, and reviews the false positives of pericardial effusion on POCUS.

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POCUS Cases 6 – Pericardial Effusion