POCUS Cases 10 Limitations, Pitfalls and Accuracy of POCUS for Ruptured AAA

Dr. Rob Simard discusses one of the most important uses of POCUS in the ED, and that is for AAA. He reviews the literature on the accuracy of POCUS for AAA as well as demonstrates the limitations and the common pitfalls in this POCUS Cases video....

POCUS Cases 9 Abdominal Free Fluid in Trauma

Rob Simard explains how to incorporate abdominal POCUS into your assessment of the trauma patient, he reviews the literature on accuracy of POCUS for assessment of abdominal free fluid, reviews the key POCUS steps and cautions us about interpretation of your findings in trauma patients who have sustained an injury to their abdomen...

POCUS Cases 6 Pericardial Effusion POCUS

In this POCUS Cases Dr. Simard reviews the literature on accuracy of POCUS for pericardial effusion diagnosis, compares and contrasts the two cardiac views for determining a pericardial effusion, explains how to distinguish between pericardial fluid vs epicardial fat and pericardial fluid vs pleural effusion, explains the findings of cardiac tamponade and electrical alternans, and reviews the false positives of pericardial effusion on POCUS...

Episode 23: Vaginal Bleeding in Early Pregnancy

In this episode on Vaginal Bleeding in Early Pregnancy Dr. David Dushenski & Dr. Ross Claybo run through the key clinical pearls of the history, the physical, interpretation of the BhCG and the value of serum progesterone in working up these patients. The newest on bedside emergency department ultrasound is discussed in the patient with vaginal bleeding in early pregnancy. The various types of spontaneous abortion including septic abortion are reviewed as well as the management of the unstable patient with massive vaginal hemorrhage. Ectopic pregnancy, in all it's various presentations is reviewed with particular attention to the most common pitfalls and how to avoid them.

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