Best Case Ever 4 Acute Coronary Syndrome From Venous Source

In anticipation of Episode 15, 'Acute Coronary Syndromes' with Dr. Eric Letovsky, Dr. Mark Mensour and Dr. Neil Fam, we present here, Dr. Helman's 'Best Case Ever' of an ACS patient. In Episode 15: 'Acute Coronary Syndromes', Drs. Fam, Mensour , Letovsky and Helman discuss questions like: How does a recent negative stress test or angiogram effect the pre-test probability of ACS in the ED? What does recent evidence tell us about the assumption that patients presenting with chest pain and a presumed new LBBB will rule in for MI and require reperfusion therapy? [wpfilebase tag=file id=376 tpl=emc-play /] [wpfilebase tag=file id=377 tpl=emc-mp3 /]