EM Quick Hits 55 – Induction Agents, Gabapentinoids, Neuroprotective Intubation, Approach to Paresthesias, Preventing Burnout

Anand Swaminathan on an update on the appropriate selection of induction agents. Hans Rosenberg on when to use gabapentinoids for pain control in the ED. Katie Lin on pearls for neuroprotective intubation. Nour Khatib and Hamza Jalal on an approach to paresthesias in the ED. Eric Wortmann on preventing burnout in emergency medicine. Please support EM Cases with a donation https://emergencymedicinecases.com/donation/

EM Quick Hits 1 Massive PE, Gabapentin for Alcohol Withdrawal, Dental Avulsions, Pediatric Eye Exam, Best Resuscitation Fluid

EM Quick Hits is a brand new EM Cases podcast that contains 5 minute segments chosen from 10 specific topics by 10 different experts and educators. These topics are ones that either are not taught very well in training and/or that physicians tend to be not completely comfortable with. They include toxicology, trauma, ophthalmology, orthopaedics, resuscitation, human factors, addiction and pediatric emergencies. The EM Quick Hits Team is: Emily Austin, Peter Brindley, Chris Hicks, Michelle Klaiman, Anna MacDonald, Natalie May, Justin Morgenstern, Andrew Petrosoniak, Hans Rosenberg, Arun Sayal and Anand Swaminathan...

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