Rapid Reviews Videos on First Trimester Bleeding and Ectopic Pregnancy

While first trimester bleeding isn't a particularly challenging presenting complaint we do miss more ectopic pregnancies than we might think. In this series of Rapid Reviews Videos Dr. Nick Clarridge discusses important features of the history and physical in vaginal bleeding in early pregnancy, reviews types and treatment of spontaneous abortions, points out the salient features of molar pregnancies, discusses the value of risk factors and physical exam findings associated with ectopic pregnancy, talks about the myths of beta-HCG cut-offs, the role of ultrasound and ED treatment of ectopic pregnancy and much more...

Episode 23: Vaginal Bleeding in Early Pregnancy

In this episode on Vaginal Bleeding in Early Pregnancy Dr. David Dushenski & Dr. Ross Claybo run through the key clinical pearls of the history, the physical, interpretation of the BhCG and the value of serum progesterone in working up these patients. The newest on bedside emergency department ultrasound is discussed in the patient with vaginal bleeding in early pregnancy. The various types of spontaneous abortion including septic abortion are reviewed as well as the management of the unstable patient with massive vaginal hemorrhage. Ectopic pregnancy, in all it's various presentations is reviewed with particular attention to the most common pitfalls and how to avoid them.

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