Ep 111 Effective Learning Strategies in Emergency Medicine

In this episode we explore the most effective learning strategies while debunking 5 myths in learning, and answer questions such as: How do we maximize our learning in the face of an ever-growing body of knowledge and procedure skill set so that we can become better doctors? What can we learn from the Dunning-Kruger effect? How do we best minimize distractions while we learn? How do we improve retrieval strength for easy recall? How can deliberate practice inform learning procedures? How can social learning improve our knowledge base? and many more...

Episode 98 Teaching on Shift

We discuss some quick, easy tips on how you can take your educating skills to the next level, from orienting the learner and establishing expectations at the start of the shift, to key questioning techniques to use in case presentations, to the lost art of active observation, to the One Minute Preceptor model, to giving effective end-of-shift feedback, medicine’s white whale. We end with a surprise appearance by another master educator who gives his top pearls on teaching on shift. This podcast is about how, on your next ED shift, you can make the most of every teachable moment...

EM Cases Course 2017 Speakers Confirmed!

Announcing the speaker line-up for the 2nd annual EM Cases Course on February 4th, 2017! After getting feedback from our sold out course in 2016 we have a superlative line up in store for you, with more simulation, live podcasts, small group workshops, prizes and fun learning.

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