As a bonus to Episode 27 on Drugs of Abuse -Stimulants & Opiates, Dr. Margaret Thompson, one of Canada’s leading Toxicologists and the medical director of the Ontario Poison Control Centre tells us 2 of her Best Cases Ever about stimulant overdose surprises. In the related Episode, Dr. Margaret Thompson & Dr. Lisa Thurgur Canada’s toxicologist gurus discuss several cases of stimulant drugs of abuse such as cocaine, MDMA & bath salts, as well as the pearls and pitfalls of managing opiates toxicity. We discuss: The management of the intoxicated patient including seizures, dysrhythmias, cardiac ischemia and hypertensive emergencies related to cocaine toxicity, the recognition and management of necrotizing vasculitis caused by cocaine cut with Levamisole, the differential diagnosis and management of the “hot and crazy” patient, including the role of dantrolene and cyproheptidine, pearls and pitfalls of naloxone, the utility of urine drug screens and much more….