Ep 118 Trauma – The First and Last 15 Minutes Part 1

In this part 1 of Trauma - The First and Last 15 Minutes, we answer questions such as: how should we best prepare our team, our gear and ourselves for the trauma patient? How does resequencing the initial trauma resuscitation save lives? How can we most readily identify occult shock, the silent killer in trauma? What are 7 actions to consider in the first 15 minutes of resuscitation? How can the concepts of "controlled resuscitation" and "resuscitation intensity" help us decide resuscitation targets and when to activate a massive transfusion protocol? and many more...

CritCases 3 – GSW to the Chest

EM Cases CritCases 3 - GSW to the chest in a rural setting. In this CritCases we discuss preparation for penetrating trauma in a rural setting, the ABC score, massive transfusion protocol, clamshell thoracotomy, trauma intubation and more. The Case... You are the transport physician on call. A 50-year old male with a history of depression allegedly shot himself in the chest with a rifle. A bystander called 911. The local paramedics are en route and the air transport team is activated with a plan to rendezvous at the nearest hospital, Janus General, which is 90 minutes by ground from the nearest tertiary care centre. You contact the rural hospital for a status update but all they can tell you is that his GCS is 14 and he has a GSW to the central chest.

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