Ep 191 The Future of EM – Systems Thinking

In order fix EM, each of us needs to understand systems issues and systems thinking, and advocate for a better system based on sound systems principles and specific solutions. In this main episode EM Cases podcast Anton is joined by Dr. Alecs Chochinov and Dr. Davie Petrie, two systems thinkers and leaders in EM. They discuss solutions for how to fix EM in 5 spheres: having a coordinated mission, optimizing access points, accountability, disaster preparedness and adaptation/evolution. They answer questions such as: What can we glean from how EM has evolved in the last few decades to help shape the future? How can we utilize virtual care to make it work for us and our patients well? How can we improve our EMS systems? How can we change the system to prevent emergency provider burnout? How can we integrate systems thinking into the daily operations of EDs to improve patient flow and outcomes? and many more... -Support EM Cases with a Donation https://emergencymedicinecases.com/donation/

Global EM 4 Climate Change and the Impeding Impact on Emergency Medicine

With increasing forest fires, heat waves, floods, storms, vector-borne illnesses and heat waves, the emergency department is uniquely positioned to declare sentinel events, advocate on behalf of vulnerable populations and lead by example. Dr. Matt Douglas-Vail explains the need for Increased education on climate change and planetary health, Increased resource allocation in emergency departments for climate-related pathologies and increased disaster planning for climate-related emergencies on this month's Global EM blog...

WTBS 24 What We Should Learn From the First Wave of COVID-19

COVID-19 is the greatest challenge our healthcare system has faced in a century. Let’s make sure we learn fast, and learn the right things, to get ready for the next challenge...

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