Preparation for Emergency Infectious Outbreak in your ED – Coronavirus

The current outbreak of the novel respiratory pathogen Coronavirus is an opportunity to remind ourselves of how to properly and adequately prepare for an emergency outbreak in our EDs. Although the mortality rate in patients with Coronavirus in this outbreak is less than 1% (which pales in comparison to Ebola or SARS), historically these types of outbreaks have occured every 5-6 years (SARS 2003, HINI 2009, Ebola 2014, Coronavirus 2020), so they are somewhat predictable and we should know how to prepare for them in our EDs. In this special edition EM Cases podcast Dr. Megan Landes, a Global Health expert, researcher and EM educator runs us through how to best practically prepare our EDs for an outbreak like Coronavirus...

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A Rational Approach to Emergency Ebola Preparedness

In this special 15 minute EM Cases podcast on Ebola preparedness we bring you an interview with Professor Howard Ovens, the director of emergency medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto. As an EM physician who took care of many SARS patients and the chief of the ED during the SARS outbreak, Dr. Ovens has a very rational approach to how to prepare our emergency departments for patients who present with fever who have been traveling in an Ebola outbreak region, including triaging and personal protective equipment (PPE).