WTBS 26 COVID-19 Pandemic Lessons on Designing a Better Health Care System: What Does it Mean for Emergency Medicine?

Thomas Friedman’s book The World Is Flat is an exploration of how globalization and modern communications technology have changed the world. Our emergency care systems entered the pandemic on decidedly bumpy terrain; can we use technology and innovation to flatten and protect them—to make them more resilient?

WTBS 22 The End of The Beginning: What’s Next for EDs in the COVID-19 Pandemic?

In this month's Waiting to Be Seen blog Dr. Howard Ovens explores The End of The Beginning: What’s Next for EDs in the Pandemic? Many questions have arisen now that we are a few months into the pandemic in North America: How long will ED volumes remain low? What will happen as hospital services ramp up? Will staff get tired of precautions? Will PPE supplies be maintained? What will happen during flu season? What mitigation strategies are available to us? Dr. Ovens explains how we must maintain vigilance in our EDs and not let our guards down. COVID-19 is not going away anytime soon...

Ep 129 ED Overcrowding and Access Block – Causes and Solutions

Howard Ovens, Grant Innes, Sam Campbell and Anton discuss the root causes, challenges and some of the solutions of one of the defining characteristics of emergency medicine in the 21st century - overcrowding. It is absolutely in the interest of every single ED provider to understand how this problem came to be, and what we can do about it. As citizens of the medical community, becoming aware of the issues that drive ED overcrowding will be a powerful asset in the drive for change. We hope to equip you with the knowledge and actionable moves to effect change on your next shift at the individual level, at the ED level, and even at the hospital and government levels…

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