Ep 143 Priapism and Urinary Retention: Nuances in Management

This month's main episode podcast on Urologic Emergencies -  Priapism and Urinary Retention asks: for priapism how much time to do we have to fix it before there’s irreversible tissue damage? How is priapism managed differently depending on the cause? What is the value of a corporal blood gas for managing priapism? What are the indications for cavernosal phenylephrine injections? What are the common medications that cause urinary retention that we often miss leading to needless recurrent urinary retention? Why is a suprapubic catheter in many respects safer than a urethral catheter for managing urinary retention? Which patients are at high risk for complications of post-obstructive diuresis? and many more...

BCE 70 Female Urinary Retention – The Return of Carr’s Cases!

Urinary retention is 13 times less common in woman than it is in men, and the differential diagnosis is wide. In this EM Cases Best Case Ever we have the return of Dr. David Carr describing a woman with an unusual diagnosis who presents with urinary retention. We discuss issues around the appropriate use of chaperones and what to do in the situation when you are in over your head...

Episode 18 Part 2: More Point of Care Ultrasound

In Part 2 of this Episode on Emergency Ultrasound or Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS) Dr. Fischer, Dr. Hannam, Dr. Chenkin & Dr. Hall, Canada's EM ultrasound gurus discuss how POCUS can help our decision-making in the pediatric patient with a limp, in the patient with necrotizing fasciitis, in the pregnant patient with vaginal bleeding and in the common and challenging elderly patient with undifferentiated abdominal pain. They cover POCUS indications from urinary retention to appendicitis and debate the utility of these indications. This is followed by a debate on how best to educate ourselves and the EM community in POCUS and how best to designs quality assurance programs so that point of care ultrasound (POCUS) becomes an accepted tool across the entire medical community.

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