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Episode 80 – Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills on EM Cases with Eric Letovsky and Rick Penciner. Whether you’re a first year resident or a veteran of EM, you’ve probably given, or will be giving at least one presentation at some point in your career. On ... Read More

WTBS 7 – Is Triage Obsolete?

Written by Dr. Howard Ovens, edited by Carol Hilton & Anton Helman April, 2016   Is triage the baby or the bathwater when it comes to ED flow? Triage as a system of managing patient flow in the emergency department ... Read More

Episode 77 Fever in the Returning Traveler

In this EM Cases episode with Dr. Nazanin Meshkat, multinational ED doc and Dr. Matthew Muller, infectious disease specialist, we discuss the most common tropical disease killers that we see in patients who present with Fever in the Returning Traveler. ... Read More