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Ep 158 Management of Primary Spontaneous Pneumothorax

In this main episode podcast we discuss the conservative management of large spontaneous pneumothorax, when a pigtail chest tube with Heimlich valve is indicated, detection of persistent air leak, removal of chest tube, surgical indications for spontaneous pneumothorax, management pitfalls and more...

ECG Cases 23 – Wellens syndrome, reperfusion and reocclusion MI

Eight patients presented with potentially ischemic symptoms and T-wave inversions. Which had occlusion MI, which were reperfused and which were reoccluded? Jesse McLaren helps you discover the nuances of Wellens syndrome and T-wave inversions on this month's ECG Cases blog...

EM Quick Hits 30 Scaphoid Fracture, Therapeutic Hypothermia, HEADS-ED, Pelvic Trauma, Kratom, Femoral Lines

In this month's EM Quick Hits podcast: Arun Sayal on the nuances of assessment for scaphoid fractures, Justin Morgenstern on the evidence for therapeutic hypothermia post-arrest and the TTM2 trial, Sarah Reid on HEADS-ED mental health screening tool for children, youth and young adults, Andrew Petrosoniak on pelvic trauma and pelvic binder tips and pitfalls, Michelle Klaiman on what we need to know about Kratom and Anand Swaminathan on why femoral lines are often a great central line choice...

Journal Jam 18 The Evidence for TXA – Should Tranexamic Acid Be Routine Therapy in the Bleeding Patient?

With the help of a special guest, EBM guru Dr. Ken Milne of the The SGEM, Anton and Justin look at all the various potential indications for TXA and review the available evidence. Should we be using TXA for epistaxis, postpartum hemorrhage, hyphema or hemoptysis? Is it a miracle drug that stops all bleeding? Or has it been drastically overhyped? Was CRASH-2 enough to be definitive, or does the classic EBM mantra of  "we need more studies" remain true?...

EM Quick Hits 29 Vasopressor Failure, Asplenic Considerations, Bronchiolitis Update, ICD Electrical Storm, Night Shift Tips

In this month's EM Quick Hits podcast: Anand Swaminathan on vasopressor failure, Brit Long and Michael Gottlieb on aspleic considerations, Sarah Reid on a bronchiolitis update and evolving patterns in the COVID era, Hans Rosenberg and Lindsay Cheskes on ICD electrical storm, Justin Morgenstern on night shift tips...

ECG Cases 22: T-wave INVERSION mnemonic

The differential for T-wave INVERSION includes: Incorrect lead placement, No bundle (RBBB, LBBB), Ventricular hypertrophy (LVH, RVH), Embolism, Reciprocal/refractory/reperfused occlusion MI, Sudden death (ARVD), Iatrogenic (digoxin), Obtunded (eg SAH), and Normal variant. Jesse McLaren runs through 10 cases of patients who present to the ED who have T-wave inversions on their ECGs...

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