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Ep 178 Hand Injuries – Pitfalls in Assessment and Management

The hand is anatomically complex. Having an anatomical-based approach to the assessment of patients who present to the Emergency Department is important to preserve quality of life following a hand injury. Hand injuries are the second most common injury leading to days without work. It is no surprise then that open finger injuries land in the top 10 most common diagnoses that end up in court. In this first part of our two-part series on hand injuries Dr. Matt Distefano and Dr. Arun Sayal guide us through the principles and pitfalls of assessment and management of hand injuries and answer questions such as: what is the differential diagnosis of a globally swollen hand? What is the intrinsic minus hand position? When should we suspect compartment syndrome of the hand? How should we best locate retracted lacerated tendons of the hand? What are the best ways to control bleeding of a finger tip amputation? What are the best analgesic choices? How large of a skin avulsion hand injury should we let heal by secondary intention rather than recommend a flap/skin graft? and many more...

JJ 22 Laceration Repair – Glue vs Strips vs Staples vs Sutures

In this Part 2 of our 3-part Journal Jam series on Laceration Management we dive into the evidence for the choice of material to close lacerations. Which is best for which kind of laceration? Surgical skin glue? Wound adhesive strips? Surgical staples? Absorbable sutures? Nonabsorbable sutures?...

ECG Cases 39 – Transient STEMI Pitfalls and Pearls

In this ECG Cases blog we look at 9 patients with possible transient STEMI and discuss pitfalls and pearls in ECG interpretation and management...

Global EM 2: The Emergency Physician – Global Health’s Missing Piece

Dr. Hiren Patel describes the complexities of being a global health practitioner and the skillset that emergency physicians possess giving them the potential to excel in this role on EM Cases' EM GEM blog on Global Emergency Medicine...

EM Quick Hits 45 ETCO2 in Cardiac Arrest, Organ Donation, Paraphimosis, Medicolegal Myths, QI Corner

Understanding why ETCO2 is recommended in cardiac arrest with Swami, practical steps to organ donation in the ED with Dr. Andrew Healy, using your hospital food court to treat paraphimosis, rectal prolapse and food bolus obstruction with Dr. Sarah Foohey, QI Corner with Dr. Tahara Bhate, 4 Medicolegal Myths with Dr. Jennifer C. Tang on this month's EM Quick Hits podcast...

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