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Ep 177 Bronchiolitis – Diagnostic Challenges and Management Pitfalls

In this main episode podcast Anton discusses with world expert and bronchiolitis researcher Dr. Suzanne Schuh, the challenges of the diagnosis and management of bronchiolitis during a time of crisis in pediatric emergency medicine and offers some evidence-based solutions to improving outcomes while minimizing valuable resources, as part of our 'Best of University of Toronto EM' series...

ECG Cases 38 – ECG Interpretation in Cocaine Chest Pain

Dr. Jesse McLaren discusses some key aspects of cocaine chest pain ECG interpretation in this month's blog including: Patients with cocaine-associated chest pain require benzodiazepines +/- nitroglycerine for symptom relief, aspirin and ECG to look for signs of occlusion and reperfusion. In patients with chest pain + ST elevation, consider false positive STEMI including early repolarization, LVH and Brugada-pattern. In patients with cocaine chest pain who are STEMI negative, beware STEMI(-)OMI including subtle ST elevation, hyperacute T waves, reciprocal change, and refractory ischemia. For cocaine chest pain patients who's chest pain has resolved, look for reperfusion T wave inversion, as this may put them at risk for reocclusion.

EMC Journal Club 1 – Does Treating Fever Make A Difference?

In this first EMC Journal Club (where we take the "boring" out of journal clubs and deliver clear, concise, practical practice changing critical appraisal knowledge based on an Emergency Medicine journal article that may have passed your radar - not too detailed and not too brief), Dr. Rohit Mohindra, an Emergency Physician at North York General in Toronto and SREMI researcher works his critical appraisal magic on the article "Fever therapy in febrile adults: systematic review with meta-analyses and trial sequential analyses" by Holgersson et al. Plus, for the EBM keeners, we have Dr. Shelley McLeod, clinical epidemiologist at SREMI give us a research methodology hot take on the difference between a traditional meta-analysis and a network meta-analysis and why it matters...

Journal Jam 21 Laceration Management – Does Timing of Closure, Irrigation, Gloves Type, Eversion Matter?

In this Journal Jam podcast Anton and Justin welcome special guest Dr. Haley Cochrane. We dive deep into the evidence for timing of closure and infection rate, fluid choice, volume and pressure of irrigation of lacerations, glove type and infection rate, how eversion of wound edges effects cosmetic outcomes and much more. You might be surprised to discover that the evidence for many things we do for lacerations that are considered "standard of care", is either weak or non-existent. But do not fret - we deliver practical bottom line practical recommendations to help improve outcomes, save time and decrease resource utilization...

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