As a bonus to Episode 23 on ‘Vaginal Bleeding in Early Pregnancy’ with Dr. Ross Claybo and Dr. David Dushenski, we have here, Dr. Claybo’s Best Case Ever. While vaginal bleeding in early pregnancy is rarely life threatening, there are a significant percentage of woman who will require emergency resuscitation and surgical intervention. We don’t have mountains of RCTs on this topic; still Dr. David Dushenski & Dr. Ross Claybo run through the key clinical pearls of the history, the physical, interpretation of the BhCG and the value of serum progesterone in working up these patients. The newest on point of care ultrasound is discussed in the patient with vaginal bleeding in early pregnancy. The various types of spontaneous abortion including septic abortion are reviewed as well as the management of the unstable patient with massive vaginal hemorrhage. Ectopic pregnancy, in all it’s various presentations is reviewed with particular attention to the most common pitfalls and how to avoid them.