Dr. Katerina Pavenski, on Anticoagulant Reversal in Trauma. A leader in Transfusion Medicine from St. Michael’s Hospital, Dr. Pavenski tells us about her Best Case Ever in which a straight forward trauma case turns into a ‘bloody disaster’, after Prothrombin Complex Concentrates (PCCs) were given in an anticoagulant reversal attempt.

In the related two-part epic episode on Antiocagulants, Transfusions & Bleeding,  Drs. Pavenski, Dr. Jeannie Callum (Head of Transfusion Medicine at Sunnybrook Hospital & Dr. Walter Himmel (also known as ‘The walking encyclopedia of EM’) cover: Indications for red cell transfusion in different clinical scenarios (GI bleed, cardiac disease, vaginal bleeding etc), Risks of transfusion including Host vs Graft Disease, TRALI & TACO, Indications for Platelet transfusion in different scenarios (hyporoliferative patients vs ITP, invasive procedures with thrombocytopenia), Managing INRs – indications for Vit K, PCC, adjusting Warfarin Dose, liver patients, Apixaban vs Rivaroxiban vs Dabigatran vs Warfarin and reversal of them, Anti-platelet medication-associated intracranial hemorrhage management, Indications for Tranexamic Acid, and much more……..

Published September, 2013

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Dr. Helman and Dr. Pavenski have no conflicts of interest to declare.