JJ 22 Laceration Repair – Glue vs Strips vs Staples vs Sutures

In this Part 2 of our 3-part Journal Jam series on Laceration Management we dive into the evidence for the choice of material to close lacerations. Which is best for which kind of laceration? Surgical skin glue? Wound adhesive strips? Surgical staples? Absorbable sutures? Nonabsorbable sutures?...

Episode 32: Whistler Update in Emergency Medicine Conference 2013

Whistler's Update in Emergency Medicine Conference 2013 in Whistler, British Columbia is U of Toronto's case-based interactive small group EM conference. There were so may great talks with amazing clinical pearls that I decided to wade through the 18 hours of audio recordings and packaged some of the key highlights for you here......EM Literature Review 2012 by Dr. Joel Yaphe, Neonatal Resuscitation Pearls by Dr. Nicole Kester-Greene, Fever of Unknown Origin by Dr. Shirley Lee, Improving Cosmesis in Wound Management by Dr. Maria Ivankovic, Hepato-biliary Disease by Dr. Sara Gray, & Pediatric Cardiac & Respiratory Cases by Dr. Donna Goldenberg.

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