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Ep 149 Liver Emergencies: Thrombosis and Bleeding, Portal Vein Thrombosis, SBP, Paracentesis Tips and Tricks

In this part 2 of our 2 part series on Liver Emergencies we clear up the confusing balance between thrombosis and bleeding in liver patients, the elusive diagnosis of portal vein thrombosis, spontaneous bacterial peritonitis diagnosis and treatment and some tips and tricks on paracentesis with Walter Himmel and Brian Steinhart....

EM Cases Course 2021 is Sold Out

The February 5/6 2021 6th annual (virtual) EM Cases Course is sold out. Day 1: Flipped classroom virtual round-table discussions with your favorite EM Cases guest experts. Day 2: Virtual team simulations with debriefing by content experts and sim experts...

Ep 148 Liver Emergencies: Acute Liver Failure, Hepatic Encephalopathy, Hepatorenal Syndrome, Liver Test Interpretation & Drugs to Avoid

In this 1st part of our 2 part series on Liver Emergencies Walter Himmel, Brian Steinhart and Anton discuss: What are the most important causes of acute liver failure that we need to identify in the ED so we can initiate timely treatment? What are some of the common medications we use in the ED that we should avoid in the liver patient? How should we approach the interpretation of liver enzymes and liver function tests? What are the key management steps in treating acute liver and hepatorenal syndrome? Why do liver failure patients become hypoglycemic and how should hypoglycemia in these patients be treated in the ED? How do we diagnose hepatorenal syndrome in the ED? How can the MELD score help us manage liver patients? What are the indications for IV albumin? What is the role of an ammonia level in the diagnosis of hepatic encephalopathy? Is polyethylene glycol a better alternative to lactulose for treating hepatic encephalopathy? and much more...

ECG Cases 15: Tall R Wave in V1

8 patients presented with ECGs showing a tall R wave in V1. What was the diagnosis? Jesse MacLaren reviews ECG interpretation of a tall R wave in V1 in this month's ECG Cases...

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