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EM Quick Hits 36 – Surviving Sepsis, Angle Closure Glaucoma, Bougies, Frostbite, Hot/Altered Patient, Central Cord Syndrome

In this month's EM Quick Hits podcast: Brit Long on Surving Sepsis Campaign -2021 Updates, Nour Khatib on rural medicine case - angle closure glaucoma, Reuben Strayer on bougie vs endotracheal tube and stylet on first-attempt intubation, Justin Hensley on management of frostbite, Sarah Foohey on the hot and altered patient, and Andrew Petrosoniak on central cord syndrome...

ECG Cases 28 Approach to Atrial Fibrillation

Jesse McLaren explains his AFIB mnemonic for approach to atrial fibrillation that involves 4 questions: 1. Is it atrial fibrillation? 2. If it is atrial fibrillation and there is rapid ventricular response, is it fast from a secondary cause? 3. If it is atrial fibrillation with a rapid ventricular response without a secondary cause, what is the intervention? 4. Does the patient need an anticoagulant started in the ED? and runs through 10 cases to elucidate the nuances of atrial fibrillation management on this ECG Cases blog...

JJ 20 Outpatient Medications for COVID-19

In this Journal Jam podcast we dig deep into the science of FDA-approved outpatient medications for COVID with 3 critical appraisal masters: Dr. Andrew Morris, Dr. Rohit Mohindra and Dr. Justin Morgenstern. What is the evidence for the neutralizing monoclonal antibody medications like Sotrovimab? The nucleoside analogs like Remdesivir and Paxlovid? The inhaled corticosteroids like Budesonide and Ciclesonide? The SSRIs like Fluvoxamine? As you'll hear, there are many ways to interpret the data and a variety of philosophies on prescribing medications that have not had enough time to be studied adequately in a pandemic where millions of lives have been lost and we do not have much to offer patients to reduce morbidity and mortality...

Ep 165 Getting Sued in Emergency Medicine – Practical Tips

How many civil actions against Emergency Physicians does CMPA handle and what have been the outcomes? What are the 4 aspects of medical negligence and the anatomy of a legal action against physicians in Canada? What are the 3 stages of civil action in a medicolegal law suit in Canada? How should you respond when you are served with a medicolegal action? How can you minimize the stress associated with getting sued? What is the role of expert evidence in medical negligence actions? What strategies can we use to lower the risk of getting sued for medical negligence based on CMPA data and ED chiefs' opinions...

EM Quick Hits 35 – 10 Best Papers of 2021, Peripartum Cardiomyopathy, Crashing Asthmatic, Febrile Neutropenia, Anaphylaxis update

In this months EM Quick Hits podcast: Ken Milne expertly walks us through the 10 biggest EM papers of 2021, Brit Long on a careful structured approach to Febrile Neutropenia to improve outcomes, Catherine Varner on how not to miss Peripartum Cardiomyopathy, Joe Nemeth on Anaphylaxis update and Anand Swaminathan gives us his approach to the Crashing Asthmatic...

Select FOAMed EM Cases Summit Videos

A few select videos from EM Cases Summit 2021 have been made FOAMed and available here and on our youtube channel. The latest release is with Dr. Rob Simard who explains the failings of the ACLS protocol for PEA arrest, how PoCUS pulse checks can help us differentiate true PEA from pseudoPEA, and how to integrate this information and our PoCUS skills into the flow of our cardiac arrest management. Full access including full CME accreditation to all 3 days of procedural videos, talks, panel discussions and rants will be available until February 15th 2022 for 3 months of access at https://emcasessummit.com...

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