EM Quick Hits 40 – GI Balloon Tamponade, SVT and Troponin, Falls in Older Patients, Vertical Vertigo, VAFEI Airway

In this month's EM Quick Hits podcast: Anand Swaminathan on GI balloon tamponade preparation and indications, Jesse McLaren on why troponin is rarely useful in SVT, Christina Shenvi on why we should not use the term "mechanical fall" in older patients, Nour Khatib & Jonathan Wallace on rural vertical vertigo case and Reuben Strayer on VAFEI - Video-Assisted Flexible Endoscopic Intubation for the anatomically challenging airway...

Ep 160 Geriatric Trauma 2 Rib Fractures, Pelvic Fractures, Prognostication, Elder Abuse, Discharge Planning

In Geriatric Trauma Part 2 we answer questions such as: what are the indications for transfer to a trauma center in older patients with rib fractures and why? Can we accurately prognosticate older trauma patients in the ED? How can we best engage family members in goals of care discussions for the older trauma patient? What are the risk factors for elder abuse that we need to be aware of in the ED? How can we best minimize the risk for recurrent falls and bounce backs for the older trauma patient who is discharged from the ED? and many more...

Episode 34: Geriatric Emergency Medicine

In this episode Dr. Don Melady, Canada's leading educator in Geriatric Emergency Medicine (Geri-EM) & Dr. Jaques Lee, one of Canada's leading researchers in Geri-EM, discuss the common yet challenging Geriatric Emergencies: a practical approach to geriatric Delirium, best practice for managing agitation and pain in the older patient, management of recurrent falls, pearls in the assessment of the 'Weak & Dizzy' geriatric patient, atypical presentations of common life threatening emergencies including ACS and surgical abdomen, key drug interactions in the geriatric patient and more..

Best Case Ever 17: Geriatric Emergency Medicine

As a bonus to Episode 34 on Geriatric Emergency Medicine, Dr. Don Melady, one of Canada's leading educators in Geriatric EM, tells us about his Best Case Ever in which a simple fall turns out to be a multi-facited complicated case with a simple solution. In the related Episode 34 on Geriatric Emergency Medicine Dr. Melady and Dr. Jacques Lee cover an approach to geriatric Delirium, managing agitation, indications for CT head in the delirious older person, management of recurrent falls, pearls in the assessment of the 'Weak & Dizzy' geriatric patient, key drug interactions, pain management, atypical ACS and pearls in Geriatric abdominal pain presentations.

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